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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by fire11, Sep 14, 2008.

  1. fire11

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    I'm a small operator with about 40 accounts. I need a mower that will handle hills better than my Wright Sentar 36 Sport without rutting up the lawn, has a high cut-quality and will also fit into gated back yards and be a more reliable backup than my 21" Toro. I'm seriously considering a Quickie 32 and wonder what you guys who own one might recommend? I know about the Dually and would far prefer to have one of those, but suspect that I'd be better off getting a Quickie 32 and bitching about the single hydro on hills than having an amazing 36 or 44 that won't fit through the gate and leaves me pushing a 21...any thoughts? Or should I just forget the tiny-gated back yards (or use the 21 then) and get a Quick 36 or 44 Dually?

  2. RocketLab

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    I've had my 32 for about 10 days now and had to get it due to the gate sizes here. I don't have a lot of sloped yards but those that are the Quickie doesn't like to run straight along the fence if it's heavily sloped there. Running straight up and down a slope is no problem and I've seen no rutting whatsoever.

    As you can imagine the 32 beats the he!! out of a 21 in time. Turning and 180's seemed a little difficult at first but now have become almost second nature with slight lever input.

    I use the mulching kit (St Augustine and Bermuda hare). Don't go with gators with the mulching kit they seem to leave an uncut center strip if the grass is overly tall.

    Hope this helps.
  3. david shumaker

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    I've got a Quick 32 single hydro. It's ok on flat yards, but not on slopes. Because it is single hydro, it feels like it is always pulling to one side like a grocery cart with a bad wheel. I have to fight with it on slopes. It has a good cut and is good otherwise. My Exmark 36 inch belt drive is better on slopes than the Quick single hydro. I think Exmark has a 32" Metro. I like the compact size of the Quick because I can put it on my trailer sideways.

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