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Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by jolleylawns, Jan 20, 2012.

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    As far as weight of mower and cutting width those are the closest. After running the BOP Duallies with their ease of use I’d never go back to a single hydro as a primary use mower. I have my older Q36 single as back up now for my dually 32 & 44. The prices that the BOP singles sell for these days USED .... there is not much point in selling it. :hammerhead:

    I’m in the negations process with a seller who owns a Q32 but the shipping and/or drive time expense is an issue due to distance. There was one for sale in Denver, CO for $2,100 but the seller decided to keep it after all.

    So.... if you know of a good used Q32 Dually with electric start in the NW region of the US possibly down into central California or Reno Nevada region since I have family there...please let me know.


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    If you ever need something shipped try, just purchased a mower from the East coast for $350 shipping coast to coast....
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    Great tip thanks
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    Gary seems to be a great guy, with a great company. If I had to guess his attitude for stuff being american made will warrant a new company who will keep things domestic in the usa.... I bet we will find out within a day or two whats up..
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    BOPOS. Rest in Pieces.
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    Aint that the truth.
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    BOP if I am not mistaken had a nice display at EXPO in October.
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    Gxi outdoor power and DEK outdoor power is out of NC. China parts assembled in USA.

    Maybe new company name with same address as these two.
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    I just don't like single hydro machines !!
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    “IF” this turns out to be the case. Then what....?

    Does this hurt the brand or help it....?


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