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border around play ground

Vandora Lawn & Landscape

LawnSite Senior Member
Baltimore, MD
My client has 15x30 playground in middle of their yard with wood chips as the base. Would wooden ties be a good border for it? All flat ground. Also, how would I install them?


Lawnsite Addict
For best results use two ties, keep the ties at least 6' way fron the play equipment. Bury one tie then offset the next so it laps over two ties. We bolt our tie together with 10" long lag bolts. Your mulch should be 12" deep for safety. Pine bark is not the best for safety should be a soft wood fiber material chips should be 4 times as long as they are wide.


LawnSite Senior Member
consider having a rounded edge, maybe router it on yourself only do this on exposed edges that little johnny or his sister will get cuaght on.


LawnSite Bronze Member
Somerset, NJ
I've done the routering with playgrounds, a sanbox & walls around pool areas. Great idea! Also I 've had great success with using a retaining wall screw called Timberlok made by a company called FastenMaster out of Mass. It is marketed as a replacement for spikes, rebar & lags. Home Depot & many lumber yards & hardware stores carry it. I spike the bottom row into the ground & I use the Timberlok screws for any pieces that need to be attached after that layer. No drilling, they just drive right in & seem to hold up well. I had to remove a piece of a wall once & I stripped the screw before I could get it out. I ended up ripping apart & destroying the 6x6 tie before the screw released or broke. Pretty strong!