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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by dcurry1223, May 3, 2011.

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    We quoted a simple bed expansion project (natural edge), build up soil and mulch, some easy planting/transplanting. The customer now is asking for a simple border/edging- They sent me a picture of what appears to be the product- Border Lock edging. We received some wholesale pricing and were thinking of either marking it up 15% to cover our transport fee and some profit and then adding on a separate line for labor to prep/install. When providing the quote- would you recommend separating the labor from the material or add the markup and labor to the material cost per piece and just indicate pricing is based on minimum quantity (base that on current measurements)?

    Also, are there any recommendations on installation and prep? I know the edging area should be leveled. Are any specific tools (besides our bed edger) useful for efficiency? The landscape supply mentioned this product offers a simple male/female locking system, doesn't require anything else to secure.
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    If they are willing to pick it up and bring it to the site tell them to have at it....if not, add in your cost of fuel and your time, and i always just give the total figure on an estimate, if the ask me to break it down for them.....i have no problem doing that either.
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    Thanks- Appreciate the feedback!
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    dcurry1223, I myslef am looking for some edging to do at my own home. I have never heard of Border Lock edging. Do you have a website for this product?
    Thanks for your help.
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    Hi there in St Louis- I just found out from our landscape supply company the product Border Loc unfortunately is discontinued. They only have some pallets left. I don't know too much about the product to say how well it works either way. it sounded like other than the leveling a rather simple install due to the male/female fittings. :)
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    anytype of edging that we do, we simply add it our profit and then the labor for installation as well. Like rubber edging we get for $9.56/stick. I sell it installed at $45.00 per stick. That includes the markup, and the labor to install one of them. I figure it takes about 30 minutes per stick to install them, longer if the ground is hard when you edge it.
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    Thanks for getting back to me! Appreciate it. Have a good one.

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