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  1. Toy2

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    The Vets in this forum need to give me some advise: what do you do when you have nothing to do? I like to keep myself busy at all times and I guess I got used to punching a now I feel guilty if I sleep past 7:30, or I drink coffee and look at lawnSite. The drought is really bad here, so I won't pass out fliers, plus gas is $2.13 a gallon. I'm waiting for the cable guy today, installing digital phone service....basic BS. Is this normal, feeling guilty? My equip. is ready to roll, did that on Saturdays, my yard is cut, my garage is spotless, truck is washed, house is clean, i just did the dishes....HElp Me!!

    JOEWOOD LawnSite Member
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    T2, what you feel is extremely Normal!
    Due to the conditioning of man, we are lead to believe man must be the provider.
    Does your wife or GF add to the guilt?

    Joe... :help:
  3. olderthandirt

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    Help You ???? No you need to help me :D Your way ahead of me lol Don't worry it will pass, ENJOY your time off you will make it up at another point when your working 15 hrs a day. BTW the guilt feeling will pass in 10-15 yrs :p
  4. Toy2

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    Thanks you guys, the wife doesn't really add to the issue, she is part owner of an insurance company, only owns 2% so we are not rolling in it $$ by any means.... I don't have little kids, thank God i had them young, good and bad with that one, I just want to make sure its all normal.....bills are paid, so no one is knocking on the door, my rental property check is coming, so I guess i should be content and enjoy the day....thanks folks!! The TV stays off, nothing good on anyway always bad news...I'll put some Styx on the CD and mellow out!! :waving:
  5. charlies

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    maintain the equipment. start working on the honey-do list. get drunk.
  6. AL Inc

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    Work the phones! When things get slow for me, I try to do walk throughs of all my clients properties and make notes about things that can be done, then either leave a note on company letterhead, or call them on the phone. Things like pruning, tree removals, clearing out overgrown areas, mulch, or driveway sealing. They don't always go for it, but many times, they do. I think people appreciate that you are taking an interest in making their places look better.
    I am fortunate enough to also have a few clients that pretty much give me free reign, so I will send my crew to them if we are slow.
    Hope things improve for you this year.
  7. lawnandplow42

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    now your talking!! :blob3:
  8. Lawn Masters

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    Perhaps a little meditation is in order. help relax and enjoy it some. always helps me when boredom sets in, or I havent anything else to do. You could always start looking around the house at flower beds and such for weeds to pull out, or just start a garden of some kind. possibly you could just go back to sleep for awhile if its TOTALLY boring, and you've got nothing at all to do.
  9. Toy2

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    Thanks to all, touched up the tralier, double checked the machines, then it rained, not much but it was needed. i wish I was the type to sleep during the day,,,,no way, when I was young if we were caught napping we got our a$$ wife's family takes naps everyday, her mom sleeps from 12 to 4 everyday and has for years......Uncles, etc sleep as well,, :) ...its in the blood I guess, I'm sure the wife would if she could...
  10. Runner

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    Man,...boredom...THAT sure would be nice! It depends on how you feel and what you want to do, but there is ALWAYS something that can be done. Work is just too easy to get in this business, even if it's just shrub work or replacements. There is always tree work that can be touched up, and Lord knows enough bedwork. I'm busy all day, but lately, with the heat and all, I stop in here and take short "mini-breaks" and cool off a bit. All (the vast majority) of my work is within 10 of the house, and most is within 5, so I stop in and have a drink and eat some munchies. I'm always clicking on Lawnsite even when I shouldn't be, as well. You'll see posts from me at all hours of the day from when I come in and glance. I really have no business being on during the day, but when I stop in for lunch, there I front of the computer. I fully agree with you when you say there is nothing on t.v.. I will turn the news on if I'm here at noon, but just listen to it. I am blessed that I never get bored though. there's just not enough time in the day to do everything and take care of everything around here.

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