Borer? Grub on cherry laurel

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    Hey guys need some help with insect ID. these were in the base of the trunk of otto luyken cherry laurels, as well as scattered about the root system. Laurels died or looked bad so I pulled them out to find these. Bark was rotted on the plants where the grubs were inside. Thanks for any help.

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    might help if I mention I'm in PA
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    This is a good example of ,,, "Which came first, the chicken or the egg???" I spend a lot of time in the woods when our season is over and cut a lot of trees to manage the forest, some with good bark yet dieng and some that are long dead bark with these grubs inside as it flakes off...
    Inside the heartwood, that has been chewed into compost, the grubs are huge... Sorry I can't say what kind of insect produces which larvae but I believe the bark has to be weakened before the eggs will survive, because I've never seen grubs in situations in which the cambium is still intact...
    Otherwise, one could go through encyclopedias, but I've never thought of them as being anything other than 'decayers'... :)
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    Can you not obtain photo's on the web by googling?
    Look at the abdomen of each grub, there should be a significant shape to the appendage.
    Compare the shapes to photo's on the web and you should identify what insect these are.
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