boring under a 20 ft driveway

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by superintendent, Sep 27, 2012.

  1. muddywater

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    I couldnt do that with our clay rocky soils. Boring it is sometimes slow.
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  2. superintendent

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    I found a place that rents a mole. He said there nothing to it, for yall that have use them how hard or tricky is it the first time around?
  3. cjohn2000

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    Well trajectory angle is fairly important. A mole works on fiction as it goes through the soil. If the mole its a soft spot or a gravel deposit it could start "swimming" and get stuck.
  4. stebs

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    Something i've heard about the moles is that you need to be at least a foot down for every inch in diameter the mole is... something to keep in mind...
  5. Sprinkus

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    Here's an interesting technical report: Guidelines For Impact Moling

    They're recommending a depth of ten times the diameter of the bore or 3-4 feet, whichever is greater.
  6. greenmonster304

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  7. Mdirrigation

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    Angle it about 3 or 4 degrees downward angle , dig down at least 2 1/2 feet . Place the missile across the drive and mark on the hose with duct tape so you KNOW its past the end of the drive. ( when you mark have the missile past the end of the drive ) as its going if it starts sounding louder or the driveway starts to crack reverse it right away . If it gets stuck plan on a day getting it out . Good luck
  8. Oxmow

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    Try an Underwunder...portable boring machine, has maybe a 7 horse engine and gear reduction to drive drill pipe and bits. Can be used with or without water. Kinda looks like a pressure washer, but with a gear reduction and spring unit where the pump would be. May be at your local rental place.

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