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  1. DeepRoots

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    so. what do you all use for getting pipes under sidewalks and driveways?

    I'm on a job this week where I need to wash under 9 sidewalks and two 12ft expanses of driveway.

    washing a pipe is killing me.... hard clay and rocks are making it near impossible.
  2. londonrain

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    We use a rotowitch on our Ditchwitch 2310 trencher. You should be able to rent a borer from a local rental company. A borer is one piece of equipment that you might not use a lot but when you do, you are glad you own it.
  3. gusbuster

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    Your only choice that you currently have is to rent whatever your local rental yard carries.

    Now when you say washing, are you using a high pressure nozzle in the front?

    If you intend to stay or in the business, then you already would know about the Borit machine that hooks up to your drill, water supply and a good pair of gloves.

    Then there is the manual way using a product such as the "sleeve" or whatever its called.

    But the best thing to do is check with your local irrigation house. If it's good, then they know what local contractors use and works in your area.

    Because I only do small yards, normal way for me to go under cement is to blast a whole through. When I need to go bigger than 2" I have a borit tool that does a good job until it hits a rock bigger than 3/4". That happens, it catches and twist the drill right out of your hands. Then once the smaller hole is made, we use a reamer to make the hole bigger. Works well for me since I run into this maybe one time out of 35 installs. If This was a more common occurrence, for the size yards I do, the I would look into a machine such as the under wunder or whatever it is called.
  4. NC_Irrigator

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    toro dingo with the boring attachment. 30' of rods. bits and backreamers from 3/4 to 3"

    works well

    we used to jet for years. weve moved up in the world of irrigation
  5. DeepRoots

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    local rental yard do not have such a creature.... if they did this job would have been a candidate for rental.
    Asking local machinery places got me sent to a well drilling operation that has a boring machine....

    90% of the yards here are sandy. This one is clay/rock.
    washing is high pressure water hooked to the pipe, pushing the pipe under the concrete, sliding a smaller pipe through it after it is through.

    obviously washing a 2inch pipe is fun, but very managable if the water pressure is ok. This spot, the clay is hard enough that a pick only chips a lil bit off at a time.
    I've been using the soak and dig method of excavation.

    and yes I do intend on staying in the business, been doing it for 12years :p (don't let the post count fool you)
    typically this just isn't a huge issue.

    ohh well, I'll just tough it out this time

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