Borzit goes 18 feet under a driveway

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by ConstSvcs, Dec 11, 2010.

  1. ConstSvcs

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    Just thought I'd share this with all of you since I was very impressed by the value of this little on:

    When I signed a contract for one of our current homes I didn't realize that running underground the underground electric, catv,and phone service would mean crossing the neighbors stamped concrete driveway. A while back, I posted the question here as to what was going to be the easiest method. I had to send one 3" and two 2" conduits under the driveway. You all gave many great suggestions including a mole and the rotary boring tool "Borzit". I wasn't sold on the mole because of the distance needed to bore being 18' .

    So.....I went to the Borzit website and then called them direct. Very nice people. I purchased the boring unit which cuts a 2.5" hole and the 5" reamer which you attach to the drill shaft (3/4" galv pipe) once you make the first pass and draw it backwards thru the 2.5" hole slowly. All while applying a small amount of water which is fed through the drill shaft to the head via the water adapter.

    The first hole was amazing......20 minutes and we had 20' of 3" sched. 40 under the driveway !!! Dead on our projected track. The earth under the driveway was fine sandy gravel. Except for the large potato we hit half way across on the second hole. The second hole ended up being a bit more difficult to complete but we did end up with two 3" conduits one of which we split one into two 1" conduits (sorry cable and phone guys) .

    I give the Borzit tool two thumbs up for ease of use and cost.




  2. J. Peterson Grading

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    I have a Cybore drill. And I can do the same thing.. Works great. I can pull up to 8 inch ADS pipe through the holes mine can drill.

  3. ConstSvcs

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    checkn' that one out right now ...............
  4. Danny Boy

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    Thats pretty impressive, glad it worked or you... got any more details on how you kept it level and straight? ect...
  5. ConstSvcs

    ConstSvcs LawnSite Senior Member
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    No luck finding it on-line .........
  6. Bigred350

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    I have one of those borit tools as well. It work great. The farthest I hav gone is 10' there is to much rock and clay around here. If I go any further the drill just burns up.
  7. bobcat_ron

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    I just use a 2" hydro-pneumatic mole, a bit bulky, but it punches through sand stone.
  8. bobw

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    I purchased a borzit (or a clone, there are several) a few years back. I still regard it as the most disappointing purchase my business has ever made. Completely useless in our soils. The bolts that hold the round part together shake loose and fall out. I warrantied the first unit and the second unit was no better.

    I'm surprised that anyone had success with these things.
  9. ConstSvcs

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    Agreed .....not for all soils........this site was sand , silt and trace bank run gravel (cobbles)
  10. curtisfarmer

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    How much was the unit? Up here in NH the chances of that working are slim to none. It seems like it worked GREAT for you though. Think of the costly alternatives....I bet that drill paid for itself 3X in that 1st job.:waving:

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