Bosetti Lawn Care Pics!

Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by deere615, Aug 14, 2008.

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    I could not agree more with what you said. I am 18 and between college and work I don't have the time for the bs from people who say "man you work too much."
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    thanks maybe both with snow plowing and sometimes both go out when i have a big job but mostly just one for everyday work in the summer. 5x10 lasted me 2 years I still use it for many other things but I orginnaly was goignt o get a 6x12 and I might have used that for 3 years but my 6x16 should do me good for a few years
    yeah thats one of my problems I like to buy toys too much thats why I work lol
    yep some friends that were being rude I just stop talking to them and then they realized how much I do for them I also told them life is too short to put up with stuff like that and people that dont respect me I dont need to be around. I do alot of things for people and most of the time all I ask for is respect and cant even get that.
    but i do have a few good friends from highshcool that respect me and even if we dont talk and hang out all summer they would still be there for me. It is nice to have friends in the buiness but i dont know to many around here. I know Jpeg and a few others wish I could meet some more but most are older guys around here lol
    yep thats basically what I said lifes too short to deal with fighting etc
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    I have to say through high school I worked my weekends away, and I still do in college but I've got the rest of my damn life to build a business, I'm only 19 once. Now I don't necessarily work less I just choose to make more time to go out with friends, and have been with the same girl for 2 years now and balance is the key to happiness not $, at least for me.
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    First let me say nice work

    Second I couldn't agree more....I am 15 and work almost everyday between my own work and a local company and always get bs about "friends" saying that I work too much
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    Ill agree about the friends, they think im crazy starting a landscaping company, and doing landscaping, i told them just wait till i have mony and you dont, ha proved its self already.
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    Landscape job I did 3 weeks ago or so



  7. deere615

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    Looks good but after a good rain most of that will prolly wash out judging by the slope.
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    Nice improvement...better than before
  10. newjerseylandscaping

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    you could make seriouse mula by offering to paint those railings looks good btw

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