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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by GSPHUNTER, Dec 7, 2009.


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    Calling on anyone who has experience wiring a boss plow. I just pulled the wiring harness out of an '03 GM 2500 and putting it in my '01.

    Thought I had everything just about done, but went to turn on the headlights and got nothing. I plugged the driver's side back into factory plugs and got high and lows on together. The volt meter is reading 11.99 at the plug for the plow wiring harness, but plugged in gives me nothing.

    The only things I don't have wired yet are the running lights and turn signals. (Purple, yellow, and red wires)

    I read on plowsite about switching +/-, so I tried that with no luck.

    I'm guessing it's a ground problem somewhere, but I'm not sure.

    Any suggestions would be great.
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    i assume both trucks had the same style headlights ?check to make sure hb3/hb4 style ,they are plugged in all the way .do the truck light's work when switched over with the rocker switch ,if not it may be bad or not plugged in check for corrosion on the headlight adaptors.use dielectric grease on all connections, check the ground's in the headlight housing's on the plow .:) good luck

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    I'm getting ready to go attack it again. I needed to get away from it last night for a while.

    I'm not talking about the plow lights at all yet. The plow is still sitting over at the guys house I bought it from. My truck lights won't even come on when they are plugged into the Boss harnesses.

    I've got to believe they are the same syle headlight. It came of and '03 GMC and it's going on an '01 GMC.

    I'm pretty sure I've got a ground problem somewhere since it's doing crazy stuff. I know my trailer lights do some goofy things if the ground isn't solid.

    Hopefully it goes smooth today and I'll have a plow on by this afternoon.
  4. seabee1

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    if the adaptor's are plugged in right the head light switch may be bad and the truck light's wont come on if they stuck on plow function .

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    Well I got it figured out finally. I just figured I'd post the results in case anyone else has the same problem.

    After digging on the net, I found out there is a wiring configuration for '98 and older GM's and 2003. Then there is a different configuration for '99 - '02. So it worked out that my truck was different than the one I pulled it off of. The only difference is that on my '01, the highbeams stay plugged into the factory plug and only the low beams plug into the boss harnesses. The plugs for the high beams just got taped over and tucked away.

    Everything works great except the switch to run the hydraulics to mount the plow. I'm guessing it's a bad switch since there is power to everything else and everything else works properly. Time to get the multimeter back out.

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