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Discussion in 'Network: North' started by matthew Urban, Apr 26, 2004.

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    My grandmother lives in watertown, and has been asking me about prices for lawn maitenence. I am in the industry, but 150 miles to the west.
    As we all know the prices vary greatly from region to region.

    My question is for a small lawn (took me 20 min with a push mower when i was a kid) whats the going rate in the area?

    The front yard is easily accesed, the back yard is through a gate. I'm not sure how wide but I would guess 30" or less.

    Any advice/help would be appreciated.

    Any questions you can email me at

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    matthew, scroll down a bit to the thread titled Massachusetts (you may have to scroll all the way down and on the bottom right corner click on another page to view it), as i recall there were a number of guys around the boston area.

    we dont mow so we cant help you out

    or maybe somebody has already emailed you, good luck
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    Check Your E-mail
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    Most people here like the White Sox but I show my Red Sox love especially after they got sloppy seconds on the world series

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