boston landscapers i have a ques.

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    im just startin out this spring and im getting a few calls here and there..anyway i have some friends of mine who have some really nice properties.(which some will become my customers)but i have one buddy whom i asked how much his landscaper charges him for a spring clean up..he tells me around $400-$500 and i had my future brother in law tell me $933?
    let me set up my reaction:

    mike:how much did he charge u
    mike:WHATTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!what did they do remodel your kitchen to?

    he told me they did a lwan cut,trimmed hedges,cleaned up leaves left over from fall and branches,edged and some other misc.things even my frien who payes like 400 500 i usually charge around 100 150 and ive never done one b4 so i need to know how much local landscapers r charging so i dont undercut myself to$#@#t id do cartwheels if i can get 500
    for a spring cleanup and these morons paid that kind of money
    does this sound right?????what do other boston lcs charge?

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