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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by spinrider2000, Feb 16, 2006.

  1. spinrider2000

    spinrider2000 LawnSite Member
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    I know, here it goes again, but have to ask....I have read a lot of comments on walk behinds. Almost so much that I am back where I started. So, help me on the walk behind I need. First, I do have a small Gravely 34Z and the standard 21 self propelled. My yard mix includes what I describe as "cookie cut" residental yards (retirement places) with HILLS. My Z will not work on the hills. So, I use the 21 SP. This results in too much time. Soooo, not favoring any brand and having no experience with a WB (belt or hyd) what would be a good choice. I know this is subjective, but what I want is a quality machine with a good track record, ease of use, only cutting dry bermuda grass, at least 36", and good on hills. For the flats I will use the Z. There has to be a machine to fit this? Around the area is Gravely, Ferris, Exmark, Scag, Toro... GUYS, in closing this site is great for new guys (been at it for 6 years). thanks
  2. jtkplc

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    I would go hydro if you will be using the walk-behind very much. Any of the brands you listed will hold up and work just fine. I would demo as much as possible and go with the brand that has good customer service. I would suggest getting the more ergonomic controls on whatever machine you get (Pro Steer, T-Bar, ECS, etc.)
  3. robertsturf

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    I'm not sure of the cut size of your Gravely, but my suggestion would be to sell the Z and purchase a 36" Stander, you get the stability of a walk-behind on hills and you don't have to walk. I feel they are a good "compromise".
  4. spinrider2000

    spinrider2000 LawnSite Member
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    ergonomics is a factor! My 34Z is a 34" cut. Great residental machine. The hills are steep, and on a small yard, makes it worse. The 21" will stay on the hills but requires bullying at times. I want to go larger.
  5. Rayray

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    I agree with robertsturf as I am in the process of buying a 36" Stander, but if u want a w/b, I dont think u can go wrong with a Gravely 36", I have a couple of the belt drives and I love them. I would also highly recomend a sulky, check out junglejims or proslide....
  6. spinrider2000

    spinrider2000 LawnSite Member
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    rayray, I would believe this is a Wright Stander? Are there other manufacturers? I have thought about the Gravely, especially the pro steer. I know there is quite a difference between hydro & belt.
  7. Ron's Lawncare

    Ron's Lawncare LawnSite Senior Member
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    if you are doing side hills a hydro is the only way to go.belt drives are ok but i like the instant reverse buy just squeezing the levers.

  8. wissel_landscaping

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    from ohio
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    I had a wright stander 61" and a wright sentar52" for a few years, they are ok on hills but not like wright claims there is no way a stander or sentar can hang on a hill like a walk behind. you have a gravely now if your happy with the dealer and gravely might as well go back to the gravely dealer and buy a walk behind .
  9. PaulJ

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    Look at the Hustlers they have the easiest controls of any walkbehind.
  10. mhaysmow

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    i got the same deal as you i mow mostly around a lake where all my back yards are steep hills i bought a stander last year 52 inch and love it but it does no where near as good a job that a walk behing can to on hills so just a week ago i bought a 36 inch gravely wb to do those hills check them out there good mowers and have a nice high adjustment set up like others said go hydro unless your not gonna use it a whole lot i went ahead and got belt only cause im gonna use it about a hour or two a day saved me a grand

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