Bought 4 new trucks today!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by Fordsuvparts, Dec 15, 2007.

  1. Fordsuvparts

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    We went to the auction and came out with 4 new trucks today, we had a blast and saved some serious cash as well. Probably the best time I have had in along time, it was a lot of fun bidding on all those trucks. Some guy flew in, in a helicopter and bought about 35 trucks. Every truck was a diesel.
    We bought a 2007 F450 crew cab 4x4 6.0 auto with 12' dump, a 2007 Isuzu NPR with a 16' grass body and 2 - 2007 Mitsubishi FE 145 with a Vanscaper dovetail box complete with all the trimmer racks and shelfs. All four trucks are ready to go with less than 100 miles. We are going to sell one of the Mitsubishi FE145 Crew cab with 16' Vanscaper box complete with ramps and all the trimmer and acc. racks already to go. It has a 175000 mile/5 year warranty. Pm if interested.

    Dec 14th 001 isuzu small.JPG

    Dec 14th 040 mitsu small.JPG

    Dec 14th 056 f450 small.JPG
  2. acm8705

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    Why were these vehicles at auction? Were they government vehicles?
  3. Fordsuvparts

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    Tru-green sold them as surplus because they did not need the extra trucks with the market being down, and the drought.
  4. skip1718

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    where in the world did you find out about this auction? i am looking for picture one exactly. if you don;t mind me asking what did you pay at auction for that. also what kind of mileage is on that.
  5. Fordsuvparts

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    All of the trucks at the auction had less than 100 miles. I got a flyer in the mail is how I found out about the auction. Make me an offer and i will sell it for the right money, remember it is brand new and has not been titled yet.
  6. ZX12R

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    You said all trucks have less than 100 miles on them and then you said you are selling one with 175,000 miles it. :hammerhead:

    On a brand new truck that you bought,is it safe to say that you saves $20,000 off the MSRP?
  7. grassmanak

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    your a ******, read the post again, it says 175,000 mile WARRENTY
  8. SlowMow

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    Well, just to save a possible rude comment, I will step in and say that none of the trucks have 175,000 miles on them. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think the thread said they had 5 year/175,000 mile warranties.
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    Well that was rude and uncalled for. Ever look over something while reading?? I guess not. And while you're insulting people, try and spell correctly- it kinda backfires on you when you sling insults.

    VERY nice trucks!!! That looks like one Helluva auction. I think I've passed by these trucks a million times- where they used to be parked in that huge lot off Middletown Industrial, on the way to Lesco. I'd love to know what you paid. Congrats!

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