Bought a 2011 Super Z, then got a Scag Cheetah

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by JTLarson, Jun 15, 2011.

  1. JTLarson

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    I've posted on here about the 2011 Super Z in other posts, but I was having a problem with it leaving strips of grass when mowing above 3 inches. So, after reading lots about Scag and going to the other mower I had picked out, I went and picked up a Scag Cheetah. I'm probably stupid for doing so, but I was upset with the Hustler and kept reading positive things about Scag.

    I would have lost over 50% trading, so I kept the Hustler and will compare them until I hopefully sell it.

    I have had Hustlers for the last several years. I have ran Exmark, Jacobsen, and Deere. I like the smoothness of the Hustler. The integrated parking brake is nice. Dealer support and service have been great. The 2011 Super didn't meet the hype I was expecting. From the heavy run flats up front, higher platform, strips of grass at higher cuts, and the hydro belt still getting knocked off by sticks, several things didn't seem "better" to me.

    In comparison, the Cheetah is new and I'm getting use to it. The controls are a lot "tighter" and responsive on the Scag. I can definately feel the stiffness, or rigidness of the Scag, in comparison to the Hustler with the suspension seat and flex forks. The suspension platform seems to really smooth out some areas, but other areas it seems rougher. The hydros are really fast on the Scag, then when I jump back on the Super Z the hydros feel "sloppy". Then I jumped on my friends X-ONE and they felt sloppier yet! It just depends what you are use to, because after I run the Scag for quite a while it seems smooth. The mow and the striping on the Scag seem better so far. I haven't sharpened the blades yet, so I may mess that up!! There is a spring on the deck that vibrates making quite a noise, but the mechanic at the shop told me about it before I bought it and gave me some ideas how to reduce it. The fold away ROPS is very nice, but I'm just wondering in time how much rattling all of the sheet metal on the back will make as it wears. Both mowers have the 31 Kawasaki. The Scag seems to bog down less when going up a steep incline. The Hustler handles better going downhill, but the Scag seems to hold a bank and turn on one better than the Hustler.

    I will try to add more as time goes by and I have more time on the machines. 120 hrs on the Hustler so far, and 8 on the Scag. Wish me luck!
    Add any comments or ask any questions. Thanks.
  2. GMLC

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    Welcome to the Scag family!!! You will not be disappointed with the velocity deck as it has one of the best cuts and performs well in all conditions. Scags are built extremely tough and you should get many trouble free years of use.
  3. weeze

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    that's maybe we can get a clear view of the differences between each of those mowers...i'm sure they both have good and bad about them like everything does lol
  4. Ridin' Green

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    This thread needs pics!!!

    Seriously, how about some of the two side by side, and maybe some of the cuts made by the two. Good review so far.
  5. orourke15

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    Would love to have those mowers! Huge upgrade over my Deere 737. What you asking for the Super Z?
  6. weeze

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    oh yeah we need pics of the same yard ....cut a strip with one mower and another with the other so we can see the difference in the cut and things like that lol
  7. MGV

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    Hey JT, I did the same as you except I bought my Hustler super Z back in 06 when the XR-7 deck was supposed to be the best on the market. I should have got the machine as a demo first. The first lawn I cut I was disappointed in cut quality. Now Hustler was real good and sent a few upgrades to the underside of the deck, helped a little but not what I was hoping for. So I have a little over 1000 hrs on it and the only problem was a hydro pump and wheel motor went bad. Of course just after warranty expired. So this spring I wanted to get rid of my Toro that was my oldest machine and I purchased the Scag turf tiger 61" cut 27 HP Kohler. The scag with the velocity plus deck out cuts the hustler hands down in wet and high spring time grass. The hustler feels a little quicker and lighter than the scag but the scag cuts better. Good luck with your new machine, I'm sure you will like it as much as I like mine.
  8. Mickhippy

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    Im interested in these machines too! Subscribe!
  9. Chevy z71

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    Subscribe for some scag pictures.
  10. JTLarson

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    I will work on trying to get some pics to post. A lot of the lawns around here are drying up, but there is rain in the forecast and I still have a couple that stripe up pretty good. I shouldn't say they are ALL drying up since I have lost a few due to the flooding taking place here in southwest Iowa. My stripes with the Scag seem to be shakey since I'm not use to the quicker hydros, but I'm getting better.

    The Hustler is a 31/60 and the Scag is a 31/61. I'm so use to the Hustler that the Scag feels like a 72! Several tight spots that I went thru with the Hustler are not possible with the Scag. The Scag feels like it has a wider/firmer stance. I float over some of the holes that the Hustler wanted to drop into. I'm sure I will get use to the stance eventually. I "float" the deck with my foot quite a bit (habit I guess) and find the Scag is lighter (more spring assist), but I have more time on the Hustler so I am able to "feel" the contour better. The Cheetah is a little tough since the operator platform is moving. It feels like the deck is floating all over, but it is me instead.

    Several posts I have read talked about how much longer a Scag was, but I haven't noticed or had any hangups. I actually think the Hustler drug the wheelie wheels more than the Scag has touched the back end. A friend of mine has a Turf Tiger with the suspension seat, so we may get together and compare one of these days.

    Sorry if I ramble, I just like to share the information I can.

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