Bought a 2013 Badboy Outlaw XP today.

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by 123hotdog, Jul 17, 2013.

  1. retrodog

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    Deck lifts are the same minus the manual option on the bad boy. The bb rides smoother, throws grass out better, leaves a better stripe, and doesnt bog down in tall or wet grass. Its not really fair comparing the 4 banger to the 3, my wife literally thought the motor was messed up on the hopper around our septic now on the hopper, it really feels nicer driving it. Its not as fast, but feels like a nicer pump system. The gh feels more refined and lays a smoother cut if that makes sense. The engine is quieter on the hopper. It would be a hard descision, i see both go out the door after demoing, definately sell more of the 35bb. Homeowner gets 4 yr on hopper or 3 year commercial warranty, bad boy gives a 2 year to either one. The warranty pushes folks in the hopper sometimes... i dont like it when comparing mowers i represent because i am honest, i can see company people wincing at my posts sometimes....both mowers have many negatives and positives...
    To be honest i like the 325d 4x 61" hopper much more than 430d on my yard. I either use it ifim not in a hurry to enjoy not getting dirty, or if im in a hurry i blow through it on one of the 72" diesels...
  2. puppypaws

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    You speak truthfully, this is the sign of a wise man...The truth will set you free, whereas lies will take you into precarious situations of which there may be no return. There is another benefit of telling the truth, you can remember what you've said, whereas with lies, the same story will never be told the same.
  3. Marshmallow

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    Bad Boy has to be cutting corners somewhere, I doubt they are selling the same quality product everyone else is for that much less.

    Scags are made union I believe.

    I have heard Bad Boy lays off its workers half the year.
  4. rkvantiflin

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    I only see a few bad boy outlaws and zts used commercially in the Raleigh area but see a **** load of bb's being used in newbern nc. Wish I had a good dealer close to Raleigh.
  5. retrodog

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    See thats the funny part, deck and frame are stouter, seem to be as well or better built on most counts. Simple design, very open to work. They are smart in the build process, they build to order, so i ordered mowers last week, first part of order came in today with build date this week. They literally rolled off the assembly line and onto a truck. They seem to spend less at local dealer level, and more national with advertising. Its a different way of doing biz than some, but seems to be working. Only people i heard laid off was the mz briggs lines cause they have been out of motors for over a month and not expecting any more in for another month or two... i see people working year round. They wouldnt have hired nearly 200 more people this year just to lay them off...

    Seems like i see a few more idler pullies than others lately from bb, but 5 minutes to swap and $20 really no big deal to us.
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  6. man00

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    I heard BB expected to sell 4000 mowers of a certain line this year, but within the first few months they sold over 8000. I think maybe one guy or lady got the boot over that. And that is one of the reasons for being short on engines....
  7. retrodog

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    To give them a little credit, they are out of kawasaki motors for czt, zt, and base outlaw, 35hp cat diesels, all they have left basically is kohlers and a few fx's. Hustler is out of the kawasakis on the raptor and sports that i know of, I heard gravely has shortages too, but not 100%. I just waited a month and a half for a backordered carb from Briggs, and it seems like every part I order lately is on some kinda back order list. I believe the whole industry has had a very unexpected year this year, we were all thinking it was gonna be alot like last year or worse from all the forecasters, so sales were based off of weather patterns Im sure. I am hearing even from the aftermarket parts places that they all had an unusual season this year, and were just blind sided.
    Its hilarious to see the look on peoples faces when they come in to buy a mower and my reply is "we should have one of those next year for you, would you like to get on the list and place a deposit along with all the others....?" Crazy stuff. I took on another brand this week to fill some of my orders I had and keep Not to mention I have been looking for an excuse all year to take the
  8. puppypaws

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    What brands are you carrying, and what was the last mower line you took on?
  9. ProStreetCamaro

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    Why? For example. Do you really think it costs manufacturers 8K to 9K to build a top of the line 60" mower so it can then be sold for $11K+? Hell no it doesn't. You are getting in to small car price territory and these mowers are nothing more than some chunks of steel welded together with a small engine and small hydros. Cars are far more complex yet a top of the line 60"+ mower costs almost as much? These manufacturers are raking in the money and laughing all the way to the bank.

    P.S. I have never seen a bad boy mower other than the steaming pile of homeowner crap they sell at tractor supply. There are no dealers around here at all.
  10. retrodog

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    Bad Boy is #1 seller of course, then Grasshopper (they are really strong here, so I was just picking up what was left off), Hustler (mainly just selling the raptors few fastraks and super zs here and there), then we picked up Gravely this past week, had a couple of bites, but so far haven't sold one yet. Ive been trying pretty hard to kick them off, but everyone has had the bad boy bug last week... Had a 60 hd zt sold, but guy didn't get approved, he is trying to get loan at his bank monday...

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