Bought a 72" Scag Turf Tiger

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by mklawnman, Jun 6, 2004.

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    Well we needed a bigger mower, in a hurry and well we got a big mower, a 72" 29 DFI LC Kawi for $11,100 with tax, got them to throw in blades and oil filter. Took alittle time to get used to the size and had to take it back to get a few adjustments made on the throttle response and cutting height, but once that got fixed I love it. THe new Turf Tiger deck lifts are sooo easy to use, alot less energy to lift than my other Turf Tiger. I've taken it on all the hills I've put my other Turf Tiger on and it has had no problem handling them at all, since the you sit lower now on the machine, almost like your reclining in the mower you feel like your in the mower. But man that thing will cut alot of grass in a hurry, funny thing is I can still fit it on most city properties that we take care of too just have to watch out when goin into the ditches cause of the mull drive unit is a bit further back cause the machine is abit longer.
    Anyone in the market for a 72" mower look at Scag and demo one, either a Turf Tiger with a 29 DFI or a Sabre Tooth model. This thing will hang most hills and is built tough.
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    Good luck with your new mower Matt. I went 72" this year too and I'm glad I did. I even use it on my smallest lawns.. 7-10,000sf

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