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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by, Jun 14, 2004.

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    Hey me and my partner have been doing this for all of 2 years solo now. He was working for a company for 4 years before and I'd never done anything but a push mower =p So far all we had was my truck a 60 inch dixie chopper, weedeater, trailor blower and edger. But we just bought a company that came with

    19 accounts generateing $1100 a week
    93 f250 4x4 with a 7foot plow
    52 ferris fixed deck
    weedeater, blower stihl
    large open trailor
    about 10 of those accounts have snowplowing as well.

    all for 15k just wondering how ya all think we came out its going to cost us around 300.00 per week in labor. That way we both can keep our full time jobs as to pay back the friend that fronted the money. We have about 10 other accounts that we already mow as well when we get off work and on weekends.

    Also any additional tips on advertising what youve found to work the best (probally for next season)
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    Good luck with it, and get the no - compete clause. Also, TOUCH BASE with ALL these accounts, and let them know what's going on. Unfortunately, with a turn-over, the snow contracts will probably be accepting other bidds, since they are going through a transition, anyway. So, make sure you get RIGHT with them immediately, and let them know what you are going to provide them for snow and ice removal.
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    Hes keeping the company under him for another month and will be helping us throughout our transition already have the no compete clause but hes getting out completely because hes got a much larger buisness and this was taking up to much of his time. His youngest account is about 5 years and his oldest is since he started 15 years ago. Its a small town and I think just him putting in a good word for us is gonna save us from to much turnover. Everyone knows everyone. As for the snowplowing im more worried about getting more than we can handle then lossing them. The guys finacially backing us works for a large paving company that doesnt do plowing in that area but does paving and has people ask him daily if they plow there. Its probaly wishful thinking but he seems confident he can get us 200 accounts by next winter for plowing. Even half that would keep us overly busy.

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