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Bought a Centri w/ 6HP Subaru Robins, have ?

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I want to change the oil in this thing guys. Where is the oil plug on this engine with respect to it being in a 2001 PG Centri? And, can someone point me to documentation so I know how much and what kind of oil this engine takes. I didn't get docs on the engine, just the unit itself. Thanks
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the book will say to use SAE30 oil, but in the colder month I use 5w30 for easier starting. it takes just under 1 quart
Indy - correct on the location of the oil plug, thanks.
The Subaru/Robin 6HP on the Centri actually takes right at 20-21 oz. I called PG yesterday and did an oil chg today and that is right on.
PG also gave me the Fram/Napa filter equavalents so I don't have to buy the OEM filter next time for more bucks.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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