Bought a Gravely Today

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by billpiper, Jan 25, 2012.

  1. dixieking

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    nice score!....there great mowers...i run one when the boss man lets me!....which is far and few b/w!
  2. Lefet

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    Congratualtions, like MOturkey said, you'll wonder what took you so long!!
  3. weaver

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    Looks awesome!! I would take the bagger off and save it until fall for leaves and buy a operator controlled discharge chute and get with it! But that's just me !! Congrats!!
  4. StanWilhite

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    Congrats! I was in our local Gravely dealer last week and saw the 400 series with the new air ride seat. Didn't have time to give it more than a passing glance but it looked well built. And I think the true "air ride" seat is a good idea. Time will tell how well they hold up.

    My son bought a new 252 about 4 or 5 years ago and has had really good service out it. I'm sure you'll enjoy your new "toy" !
  5. lifetree

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    It won't even take that long !!
  6. lifetree

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    Very nice machine ... however, the price of $ 7 K includes the bagger system, which was probably about $ 1,500 by itself !!
  7. billpiper

    billpiper LawnSite Member
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    Thanks for all the encouraging comments. Yes, the price includes the bagger which was $1200 less 5%. I had it installed because I'm still doing some leaf work and figured I'd use the mower instead of a blower & tarps (pretty slow). The dealer threw in the mulch kit with the deal and I'll put it on come spring.
    Used the mower for the 1st time today for about 3 hours. Ya'll were right - don't know how I got by without it. Still learning how to pivot turn without digging holes, but starting to get the hang of it.

    Thinking of starting a string in the Starting A Lawn Care & Landscaping Business forum to describe what I learn & what issues I run into with the new mower and business in general. Does anyone think something like that would be useful? Hopefully it will be helpful to some, and everyone feel free to offer advice and comments as it goes along.
  8. Gravely Commercial

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  9. hammmerhead

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    I picked up a 152 with the same bagger back in July of '11. I have no changes or inside advice as my machine has been flawless. the only thing I wish is that the triple bags held a little more grass.
  10. J-Thomas

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