Bought a new Hustler Walkbehind...with a twist!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by JLC, Aug 21, 2001.

  1. JLC

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    Just wanted to share my most recent purchase with the Lawnsite members. Please read the whole post though because the purchase is not near as cool as the way it was acquired. Friday I bought a Hustler Hydro Walkbehind. It is a 17 horse with a 54 inch cut. I've only put a few hours on the machine, but I already really like it. The quality of cut is great and it has plenty of power to drag me on a Pro-slide. I also really like the controls, very simple to run.

    Even better yet is how I became the owner of the machine. I have been excited about about the Hustler product line and really liked their products at the Expo this year, but due to the lack of a local dealer I'd pretty much conceded the fact that I would have to buy another Scag. I'd posted a thread about whether to buy a 17 or 21 horse Scag and I believe Crazygator replied back to check out Hustler. I responded that I really like their products and would be using them now but my closest dealer was terrible, no models in stock, not getting any, no parts inventory, no downtime policy, etc. At the end of my post I joked that maybe Hustler would sell to me direct. Here is where things get neat! The next day I got a private message from Paul Mullet, President of Excel Hustler, saying that they were trying to build their dealer network in Iowa and in fact at the end of the week they would be traveling north to meet with a prospective distributor and passing within a half hour of me on I35. He said that he would have a 72" Super Z and a 17 horse 54" Hydro Walkbehind on their trailer. He said that he would like to see me running Hustler products and would sell the walkbehind to me direct until they get a local dealer set up. We negotiated a price and a date was set to try the mower. Friday came and Paul and his son Adam, who I met at the Expo, pulled into my "testing lawn" with the two mowers. As you've already been told I liked the Walkbehind enough to buy it. It would run the nasty hills on the testing lawn without breaking a sweat which is one of the main reasons I was looking at a walkbehind. I also got some great seat time, about 30 to 45 minutes, in the Super Z and was VERY impressed with it. I expected the 25 horse to be marginal for the 72" deck. Wrong. It was more than adequate to cut some decent length grass going up a grade. The top end was pretty awesome as well. The slope handling was awesome too. I had it on a good sidehill and there was not even a hint of being out of control. I was still planted good enough to be able to maneuver the machine. I will most likely be looking to purchase one of these machines as well. I was most impressed though with Paul and Adams willingness to come out of their way to my town and wait while I tested the machines to get me the mower I really wanted. It is truly testiment to the fact that they believe in their products and want to make guys like me happy Hustler owners. I will say that if their products are anywhere near as good as their willingness to serve their customers I will be more than happy. It makes quite a statement about their company as well. I know this post is lengthy, but I felt that this could not go without recognition. There are too many companies who could care less who owns their equipment, but clearly Excel Hustler has displayed to me that they think differently and that simply needs to be acknowledged. If anyone has any questions about how any of the two mowers that I used performed, I would be glad to go into greater detail, but I will leave it at this for now.

    Ben Johnson
    Johnson Lawn Care
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    Great post and thanks for the info!

    It's nice to hear that they did so much for you to try out their machine! I have a friend who has always used Great Danes, I've mentioned him before, he has started converting to Hustler and is very happy. He was happy with Great Dane, but with the merger with JD and the uncertainty of it's future v/s the service and quality of Hustler he choose them and is very happy.

    I will also consider them in the future due to their activity in this forum and their interaction with customers as shown above.
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    I am very impressed with that testimonial. If only Exmark would drop down and give that kind of customer service. I'm not saying they're customer service is even close to poor, but that is on a much more personal level that you just dont expect from a large industrial company. I wish you the best of luck with your Hustler, and let us know how it preforms down the road. I am always looking at new equipment and am never afraid to try something new. Congradulations on your steller purchase.
  4. vipermanz

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    Cool!!!!!!!, I think i will go with hustler when i get full commercial
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    Very impressive. :)

    There are a few manufacturers that believe in quality and service.
  6. dhicks

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    That's what I've been talking about for over a year. The Hustler is a great machine. I have nothing but the utmost respect for Excelhustler Corp. Mr. Paul, his staff and my Hustler dealer.

    It don't get any better than this.
  7. Vandora Lawn & Landscape

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    Bravo hustler. Way to go above and beyond the call of duty.
  8. Could you post a pic of how you mounted the proslide to the machine?

    I recall from pics of the Hustler that the area where a sulky would mount is on an angle.
  9. JLC

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    The slider bolts to the holes already drilled by the factory. I will post a photo hopefully tonight showing how it looks.
  10. Eric ELM

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    Great post Ben. Once Hustler gets more dealers set up, I feel you will see their products on lawns all over the USA.

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