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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by McCarty'sLawncare, Nov 19, 2007.

  1. McCarty'sLawncare

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    Howdy all.... Well I finally had it with my pos echo 261 weedeater thats 4 years old. I was using it maybe 5 days a week 6-8 hrs a day. The carb on it went to hell, and Ive been a die hard echo fan since i was a kid when they built decent machines. Before they went on the shelf at home depot. So I said ok the next step is. Talk to my dealer where I bought my dixie from that sell redmax and echo. I asked the mechanic I know away from the sells dept. I gave the guy 20 bucks and said which piece of equipment should I go with. He said Stihl, as I can see everybody has them. So today I went down to a Shindaiwa and a Stihl dealer so it was a tough choice but to keep it short I wanted to go either with the Stihl 110 or the 130. For 40 extra dollars I went with the 130 drove it home hoping I made the right choice. I fired it up and my jaw dropped!!! This bad boy sounds like a motor cycle lol, and I gotta tell ya I love it. For the first time I said I cant wait to go to work tommorow and give it the test. I was kinda unsure about the 4 strokes with adjusting the valves and all but man. This piece of equipment is a beauty... Takecare all happy cutting...
  2. DoetschOutdoor

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    I would have given you my opinion for less than $20 :rolleyes:. Did you not consider redmax being that you already go to that dealer?
  3. McCarty'sLawncare

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    I looked at the redmax I didnt like the way the weedeaters handled. But Im gonna get that Redmax blower 8001 and if I had any use for it. I would love to buy that under water saw. That blower with the cooling off your back feature is really nice especially in the summer time.
  4. S man

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    I don't like the way redmax trimmers feel either. Stihl fs85s for me. Perfect balance and 2 cycle no 4mix stuff.
  5. Turf Commando

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    You paid someone $20 for advice...? O-my headache is back:hammerhead:....
  6. blowerboy

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    i have 1 7001 and 2 redmax8001

    which one blows air on ur back i allways wear a shirt or never noticed it.
  7. DavisLawn

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    i have both the stihl fs85 and the redmax 2600 strato charged.... i and the guys who work for me love the redmax.... they fight over who's gonna use it... a LOT lighter than the stihl and just as powerful, if not more... the stihls i've had (3 of them) all have a kinda vibration to them that i dont like... but i also have a 110 stihl and it is a powerhouse... but very heavy, and a gas drinking sucker... and the fs85 drinks a lot more gas than the redmax.... whatever u do dont buy a shindaiwa 231.... COMPLETE JUNK. will never buy another... no power at all.
  8. capetan

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    dont most carbs last about 5 years of full time use, i dont think thats bad at all, why were you so disappointed ? who cares if you have to buy a new $200 trimmer every 5 years (40 bucks a year) ???????????? , the only advantage i see of buying a more expensive one is power and weight ........ correct me if iam wrong (and i bet i will be corrected)
  9. verant

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    $20 for advice, man, u must have some stiff salesman there
  10. Sammy

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    35 - 40 hours a week is a lot of trimming !

    Sounds like you need a out front mower to cut your trimming time down.

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