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  1. longviewlawncare

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    I just bought me a Licoln SP 135 plus to go along with my old Lincoln stick welder. What a differnce between mig and stick welding. It is so much easier and i have been getting better welds to. DO most of you do more welding with gas, or non gas flux core. flux core is all i have used so far. Also where can i get a gas bottle and gas for it. Thanks
  2. Bill c

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    I use gas with my mig for mostly inside work.When welding outside I use the arc welder.Try your yellow pages for a welding supplier for a tank setup
  3. Do most of my welding with arc because thats all I have. Borrow my bros ox/ac (or mostly have him do it) when needed.
  4. vandrv

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    Using gas will create a very clean weld. There will be no slag to chip away. Any welding supply outfit should be able to sell you a gas bottle and the proper gas.
  5. longviewlawncare

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    thanks for the help guys. I am picking up my tank next week. This Mig has really helped me spped up some of my projects just because of the ease of use. Best investment i have made
  6. Mr.Ziffel

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    Check with a couple of different welding supply houses. Do NOT buy the small tank from Harbor Freight - it's non-standard and is not cost effective. I got my first tank from one outfit [Central Welding] and when it was empty and I had it in my truck I stopped by another place [Airgas] to look at something else and just happend to ask him how much to fill my tank. He said heck, I'll give you a bigger tank than you have now and charge you less to fill it, which he did. I gues he wanted the business.

    Since I own the tanks I can take them anywhere I want so from now on I'll always call ahead and ask the size and price per unit [cubic foot of gas or however they do it]. I now realize that no one fills your tank, they just trade your empty for a filled one and if the tank is bigger and/or the price is better so much the better, but that's also the reason not to go with HF.
    Will M>
  7. karl klein

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    i would recommend you get a 3 foot tank of c-25 it cost about 125.00 to buy it and 25.00 to fill it.

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