Bought a redmax stick hedger.

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Vibe Ray, Jun 18, 2001.

  1. Vibe Ray

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    Bought a redmax stick hedger today. The one w/ the long reach and articulating head. Bought it cuz I got a job to hedge a lot of tall wax myrtles. I just went with redmax cuz my exmark dealer sells them. One thing I am worried about though is their air's just a pice of foam! How can that protect the engine from anythng. It does have the advantage of being cleanable more so that the usual filter type(more maintenance), but I'm not sure that would keep out really small debri, dust, etc. that could hurt the engine. Am I just being paranoid or do those of you who either own one or have seen one feel the same way? And what do you guys think of the stick hedgers and the ones by redmax? LATAZ!!!
  2. Eric ELM

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    I use 2 cycle mix to clean those foam filters after they get dirty. To start with when the filter is new, I put the gas/oil mix on the filter and squeeze out the excess gas, which leaves oil on the fitler to trap the dirt. Once it gets dirty, wash it out with the same mix and squeeze out the excess gas. The gas cleans it, the oil traps the dirt. The gas evaporates after a short time, so I do this in the evenings so the gas is all gone for sure by morning.

    Some feel washing them with soapy water and putting oil on them and squeezing out the excess oil it the best way.

    They both work. :)
  3. Fallguy

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    for one thing red max are good products - if you wanted a different design you should have ordered a echo - but from what i have seen most of the newer designed machines have the foam filter you described - you should see the filter on my new kawasaki's - you wouldnt think it would stop much but it does - i wouldnt worry about it man - i just hpe you bought it from a place that has a replacement warranty and not a repair warranty - because if you didnt then you will be down one pair of hedge clippers when they mess up.
  4. powerreel

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    I would worry more about keeping that gear box greased than the air filter. My echo has 2 zerks on the gear box and it will drink grease, about an 1/8 tube each session depending on what you cut. Keep 'em greased daily!!!!

  5. Evan528

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    Ive been using redmax products for 6 years now... trimmers all have that puny filter..... my oldest one is still running good so i wouldnt worry about it much!

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