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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by heybruck34, Apr 19, 2003.

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    A while back I posted a thread asking for advice on purchasing a stick-edger. I read a lot of good information and a lot of you said that at my height (6-5) a straight shaft would be the best.

    Of course, I didn't listen and bought the Echo PE-200 for $200. While it was ok at first, the blade guard clogged very easily and it seemed to lack power. It was also quite awkward for me being a bent shaft. I had to hold the engine rather low to avoid going too deep. I used it for about an hour total run time and decided to take it back to the dealer and see if he'd give me a deal.

    After taking a 15% hit, I walked out with a Stihl FC-85. Man this thing is sweet! Cost me another $180 as the tag on it was $350 plus my 15% ding. The things I like most are the open faced guard and the extra wheel to help keep the unit vertical. Well worth the extra money. Exactly the unit most people told me to buy in the thread.

    So- I've learned that everyone who replied DOES know what they were talking about and while some may like bent shafts, at my size I NEED the straight. I also know the importance of a good dealer.
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    Nevermind, I'll be nice.

    The Stihl is a great unit, hope you enjoy it. I have the Echo equivalent and I use it all the time. Keeps those edges really clean.
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    heybruck34 - you must be doing something right, you found a good dealer.. Letting you trade up for only a 15% ding was a great deal, you would not have even been able to rent a string trimmer from your local tool crib for that..

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