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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Lawnworks, May 13, 2003.

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    Well I bought a '96 Walker 42" 16hp w/ 208 hours. It was a homeowner and looks almost new. It is totally different than my chopper. It is a cool little machine. I am going to use it to get in back yards and for real nice yards. Do yall think this machine will have enough power for leaves? I don't know how anyone can mow everything with one of these mowers though. I would never get done w/ my yards!! Man I really have got to watch that rear end. I hit a house, a tree, and broke a gate with the daggum thing yesterday!!! I wish walker would lose the pin in the deck deal. I thought it kinda sucked on hills too. I had to get the chopper to finish the job. That really sucks. Isn't there a $800 aerator for the walker? Yall got any maintenance tips or pointers w/ the walker? What about that speed-up kit? supercharger? naw just kiddin on that one!
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    Sounds like you should sell it. :D
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    there is a speed up kit for @ 20.00. but it only increases the speed about 2mph. it should have enough power for leaves. if not switch to a 36" deck. i guess that it would seem slow to ya after getting off a

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