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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Scag48, May 19, 2002.

  1. Scag48

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    Hey guys. Thought I'd just report on my new purchase. Went to the local Stihl dealer today to take a look at the new trimmers. I was looking at all the choices I had to get a split shaft trimmer and/or how to get an edger. I went in set on an FS 85 RT. Dad thought they were too expesnsive. Mind you I was only looking today and wasn't planning to buy. Anyway, they made me look at the residential. I'm such a sucker to salesmen besides, I know the guy personally and my dad was there with me so I couldn 't chew the guy for making me look elsewhere. So I didn't like the residential P.O.S's and I wouldn't settle for them. We looked at the FS 55 RT, the residential. Didn't like it. Cheap air filter and the like. I said no. Then, I looked at just an edger. Well that was B.S. because the commerical ones were $350, and I wanted an edger AND a trimmer. So we got back to the FS 85 RT. He didn't have one on display so he went and got one. I checked the balance and weight. PERFECT. I was sold with how much more reach. The 'ol Homelite is so short that even me (5'2") has to stoop to use it and it hurts my back to do the large properties. Dad finally said "Well, is that the one?". Obviously I said yes. Ordered the edger attachment for it. I'll be using the trimmer tomorrow and will report on the performance. It'll be my first commercial trimmer so I'm really excited about it. This has definately been the year for me. I'll make way over my goal for this year and will hopefully be upgrading EVERYTHING commerical next year. All I need to replace next is the 21" or get a used 36". Are there any tips for using an edger that I should need to know? Any easy ways of doing it? Thanks guys!
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    How old are you again? ;)
  3. Jimbo

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    You will like the FS85RT. And you are doing right by buying a Heavy Duty Commercial unit. My advice would be to wait until you can afford to buy the best equipment as usally the price difference between so, so and great equipment is not that much.

    As far as advice for edging, I did what you did and bought the edger, hedge trimmer, etc. When you get good enough you can use trimmer line to edge. Practice, practice, practice.

    You will need to set the cutter depth on your edger (read the manual) Also you may need to loosen the edger atachment and adjust the head angle while holding the unit in a comfortable working position (this depends on you height). Also before you even start the unit I would recommend a thourogh tightening of the screws (seems like they are on the loose side from the factory).
    Hope this helps!
  4. Scag48

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    Jimbo-That helps out alot! Thanks! I will be sure to set all of the adjustments. Are you talking about the housing screws or any/all of the screws on the trimmer? Thanks!
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    We just bought the same trimmer. I wanted it for the hedge trimmer but it won't be in until next week. I played with the Stihl trimmer yesterday, but honestly I like my Shindawa better. The balance feels better on it. Likely only going to use the Stihl for the hedges anyway. Price was Can$803 or Us $500 complete with the 0-90 hedge trimmer. I bought the Shin at a sale a few weeks ago, got a real deal as the spark plug wire was loose and it wouldn't start Can $125 for a year old one.
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    Wow, Scag. Sounds like you are passing your goals. You are to be congratulated - Congratulation! I wish I could report that we were passing our goals already this year.

    Well, keep up the good work. There is always plenty of room at the top for those who are willing to work to get there. At least that's what I hear. ;)

    One day you'll have such good equipment you'll have to change your signature to "Shindaiwa and Honda.... 'Nuff said" :D
  7. AltaLawnCare

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    I like mine! I got the edger and hedge trimmer attachment also. I still mainly use the old FS80 (it just won't quit ;) ).

    You'll like that trimmer head, holds a lot more line than a homeowner version. I leave the edger attachment on mine, I don't know how I got by without it!:cool:
  8. Jimbo

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    The screws I was reffering to are the handle, handle loop, and motor to shaft screws. Maybe yours are fine but my handle starting rotating and I had to tighten them up. It can't hurt to check them. Also buy the proper grease for the head. It comes in a small tube which threads into the grease hole...squuze a little in and your good to go!


    Your mention of the FS80 is funny. My first commercial trimmer was the FS80. I have had it for 5 years and it just wont die. I don't think I ever put a new spark plug in it. I did keep the air filter changed though. They seem to run forever!

  9. Scag48

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    Jimbo-Thanks for the info! How often should the head be greased and where is the grease hole? I imagine it tells you in the manual, but I'm just curious. I'm so excited about not having to bump trimmer line again! The Autocut is gonna kick some serious *ss as you know that I currently run a Homelite curved shaft that hurts my back. A good trimmer though. NEVER had ANY problems with it at all. Always started good and ran strong for 3 years and was used heavily. But I like straight shaft. More power, versatily, the head clutch to stop the spinning head. Now I won't have to shut it off when going through narrow carports due to danger of hitting something. I don't think I'll need the neckstrap for weekly trimming. A couple of years ago, I used an older FS 75 or something that was HEAVY and had to use the shoulder strap. I was doing some clearing for a guy I knew on vacation. I even work on vacation. You hear that out there Finelines? I WORK ON VACATION TOO! LOL. Thanks for the replies guys. I'm open to any hints/tips for the trimmer. Thanks!

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