Bought the steel for my deck

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by Gravel Rat, Feb 28, 2006.

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    Like the subject says I bought some steel to start building my new dumping flatdeck. Well I'am 1700 dollars poorer but atleast it will get me the deck built I haven't decided on a headache rack style yet.

    I got quotes on new dump bodies a fold down side 11' box was going to cost me 8000 dollars installed. A aluminum flatdeck was going to cost me 7000 dollars installed.

    So I'am going to build a 11x8 deck its going to be a tad heavy I'am using 3/16 plate for decking as I'am going to be hauling dirt and rocks.

    I was going to modify the deck I have on the truck to dump but its going to take quite abit of work. I thought to myself screw it I will spend the money build a new deck it will last me 10 years or so I can take switch it to a different truck when the current one wears out.

    When I talked to the dealer I was going to buy the tilt downside contractor dump box said it wouldn't stand up to what I wanted to use the box for. I'am glad the person was honest it saved me some money.

    Anyhow the price of steel sure has gone up but I'am still saving money building the deck myself. Actually the manufactures that build flatdecks in B.C. are so busy you get put on a waiting list.

    Sorry won't beable to post any pictures I don't think I could borrow mom's new digital I would get in deep poo if I wrecked the camera.
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    gotta get moms camera....
  3. CrewCutEnterprises

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    Gravel rat... Pictures... Go spend $100.00 and get one.. :)

    I spent $500.00 or so on my bed so far. It isnt heavy duty but built for a purpose.

    I would love to see pics like in my thread.
  4. Gravel Rat

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    I had to email the steel supplier they over charged me on a part of my order they found the mistake and my bill went down 300 dollars or so :laugh:

    The most expensive part is the 3/16s plate I'am using for decking the rest of the deck is built out of structural steel. The long sills are 5" at 9# per foot they will be nice and heavy so the deck doesn't bend and twist. The cross sills are 3" at 4.1# per foot and the out side perimeter rub rails is 4x3x1/4.

    I thought about using wood decking but its not as durable with the steel decking it keeps the deck more rigid.

    I'am hoping to keep the weight of the deck down around 1500lbs.

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