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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by poudre_lawn, Oct 31, 2004.

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    I am currently a corporate worker, and will probably stay as long as I can stay sane. I do want to start a part-time lawn care operation, and want to start slow and let it build up. May go for it in 2005.

    Equipment I already have is a '99 Ranger 4x4 pickup, 5x8 utility trailer that I use for dirt bikes, a snapper 21", a ryobi trimmer and sears electric blower. Also have various other stuff like shovels, rakes, wheel barrows, fertilizer spreader, etc that I use on my own property. I would plan on immediately getting a commercial quality trimmer, blower and maybe an edger and an aerator. Also a bigger walk behind, like a 36" maybe.

    I plan on initially targeting small to mid-size, less than 1/2 acre lots. I will be happy to just have a couple the first year. At least at this time I have no need to make the money, just get started, get a few high quality accounts and hopefully not make too many mistakes. I will also be insured, licensed, etc.

    I do not want to low ball the price, but rather charge on the high end so as to help us all get good compensation for our work. I dont want to overprice, but we should all be getting a good return on our investments and labor. And I surely understand that those who undercharge are hurting everybody.

    So, specifically how much and how should I present the charges prices for mowing, aerating, edging, etc in the area that I am targeting in the Boulder/Fort Collins area ???

    Hopefull there are some guys already working this area that can give me some info, I without a doubt will not be trying to lowball to get business. Quite the opposite.

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