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Discussion in 'Water Features' started by jbailey52, Mar 12, 2007.

  1. jbailey52

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    Hey guys, my first time posting in this forum..

    My question to all of you is.. I al looking at creating a boulder (round) with a 1 inch drill all the way through... I then want to have it sit on a bed of river jack so when the water flows off of the rock it is collected here. I want it to be 'waterless'? Meaning no standing water.. Im sure there is a technical term for this. Anyway can anyone shed some light on how to create the water collection under the river jack? Thanks.
  2. PaperCutter

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    the easiest, most leak-free option is building the whole thing on top of a vault- it's basically a 4'x4' by 12-18" deep ABS plastic box with a plastic grate that sits on top. Beats the heck out of messing with a liner. I'm trying to find a picture, I'll post one if I find it.

  3. BSDeality

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    my supplier has some boulders out front of his shop. They sit ontop of a collection box like you stated. but the boxes are roughly 4x4 but only 6" deep and the boulder is like 3' diameter. You don't need a lot of water for just a boulder fountain so the box doesn't have to be very deep.
  4. jbailey52

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    Thanks for the replys.
    Im kinda of wondering how a boulder of that size, can sit on top of a plastic box with a grate? A Picture im sure would really help me. thanks!
  5. PaperCutter

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    We support from underneath with a CMU
  6. Keith

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    Springdale Water Gardens, Nelson Water Gardens, Pond Eco and others sell something similar to what you are looking for. And all have pictures on their websites to give you an idea of what you are looking at. Basically the grating creates a false floor for the smaller rock to cover. Blocks, bricks, whatever will be carrying the real weight load. Of course there are other ways of doing it. If the sound of the water falling into an unseen pool of water isn't as important as the visual, you could use a vault like Savio has for their pondless waterfalls and fill the whole area around it with larger rock. It would all be contained in a liner. This would eliminate the need for a grate and finding a way to hold the weight.

    You might search "Disappearing fountain" or "Pondless Fountain" and come up with more info.
  7. jbailey52

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    disapearing fountain... thats the word i was looking for.. thanks guys... Its going to be small, and I have liner, so I think i will do it that way. Thanks

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