boulder retaining wall

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    HI, I have an estimate to do fo ra boulder retaining wall 30 w x 8 h, I have done versa lok, flagg stone walls before , but neer a boulder wall, Was thinking 2x3x 1-2h boulders.

    What would a price for this be about. installation cost & material cost. of course there be drainaing or stoen behind & pipe also.

    ON hte sides are just stoen walls, I figured 1500 in stone plus time to dig & build hte wall with drainage be about3500. is that about average.

    I rather bid in a normal range & not low ball to just get the job I rather lose it & not just screw myself or other in teh industry.

    Any other tips on building it would be great also.

    I line in North East Pennsyvania.

    thank you
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    might want to try the hardscaping section too

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