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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by CuLayTur, Apr 2, 2004.

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    Hello... I am building 2 different boulder wall at at my home and I have a question is someone can help.

    For the first wall, I'm constructing a wall in the center of a circular driveway with 5" - 12" granite boulders, dry stacked about 2 ft heigh and 107 ft long.

    The second wall runs the length of my home, with 18 - 24" boulders(dry stacked) about 3 ft heigh and 200 ft long.

    I have build concrete block (pavestone walls) before and set a good 6" level compacted base, with drain pipe and fabric with 3/4" rock behind the wall.

    But do I need to do the samething for the boulder walls. (base,drain and drain rock). I would think with the non-exact fitting of the dry stacked rocks, water would just run out of the seams and the 3/4" drain rock could also come out.

    Thank You for your help,

  2. lawn jockey

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    Hello, Yes you do need to do the same with boulder walls! Water and walls do not mix
  3. D Felix

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    If you feel ambitious you can use the drain pipe. Most likely it will not be needed though, since the boulders are not tight-fitting like pre-cast block.

    I would use some sort of gravel base, it helps to get the first course level. It probably doesn't need to be very thick, though compact both the subsoil and the gravel.

    Another thing with natural stone walls, the more batter you can give them, the better off you will be.


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