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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by homerescue, Mar 24, 2004.

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    well there you go, a younger man working against an older man that tells the story..... when I was in my 20's I could hold that old big Poulan out at arms length and cut with it. Too Old for that crap now!!
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    I used them when I worked for the Forest Service. We only used them for removing small "bushes" that small bar on the bottom will catch the small branches. We never cut anything bigger than two inches with them, thats what the regular bar is for. Nobody got hurt from them:confused:
  3. bowbladesrbest

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    Have dropped Lob Lolly pines 36" in diameter and Live Oaks bigger than that. No problem. small bushes, LOL
  4. mayberrync

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    Bow bars use to be used by proffessional loggers to saw downed trees into logs. Had a pair of tongs or dogs on the front to hold the bar against the tree
    Made quick work of sawing up large down trees. In the 90's loggers start using hydralic sawbucks to cut multiple trees at once. Have seen a bow bar in years, but haven't logged since 79
  5. de.smith

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    If you want to sell the bow bar, and it's in good condition, I'd gladly buy it from you. They are dangerous when not used properly, but when used as intended they are extremely useful--but regulations have made them almost impossible to get now.
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  7. Mac B.

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    Even though this post is 4 years old I would still like to comment on it. A bow bar is no more dangerous than a straight bar if handled correctly. As noted in a previous post if you use the dogs for what they are for you will have no kickbacks. It sounds like some of the posters dont even need to be sawing with a straight bar.


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    Pretty cool but not something you see up in my neck of the woods. The only bowsaws I've ever seen or used are hand saws...I keep one in my toolbox at all times.

    I used to work as a Groundman for an Arborist and he had one heck of a kickback one time while running one of his big Jonsoreds that litterally picked him up and tossed him backwards a few feet. I was like woah...WTF. He was cutting a log from below and knew it was a risk so he was prepared for it. I wasn't and didn't know what happened.
  9. orangemower

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    I used one before. The thing kicked back and cut my leg off. I just stitched it back on and kept going. :) You guys are light weights. :D
  10. Robert Willis

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    If you are using a bow bar and you have a kickback, you are absolutely using the saw incorrectly! I don't care who says what.... A bow bar when used correctly is 100 times safer then a straight bar chainsaw. A bow saw is only used to buck up a tree once you have fell the tree with a regular bar saw. It is not intended for limbing and if you're using a Bow saw above your waist, you are most definitely a dummy. When cutting with a bow you must keep the forks against the log that you are cutting. The area directly in front of those Forks is the only area that you cut with using a bow saw. The reason bows are outlawed today is because know-it-alls who absolutely knew nothing about using a bow saw used them incorrectly and got hurt or killed. I've been using one since I was 12 years old ...... I'm 47 now....and I've never been hurt , cut in any way shape or form by 1. But I have been cut using a straight bar saw! So when you report that the saw are dangerous, please have experience running one and know what you're talking about. I can absolutely prove that a boat is safer than a bar when used correctly.

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