Bowmanite patio needs help!!!

Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by Think Green, Sep 14, 2009.

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    I have a customer whom back in the spring powerwashed his 2500 sq.ft. back patio for sealing. He used the Acrylic Aggregate sealer from Lowe's called "Black Bull"..
    Now here is where it gets crazy!!!!!
    He calls me last week to inquire about his patio, because his teen son powerwashed the pation again, then he let it dry over night. The same product was used again to seal the patio.
    The Bowmanite is a faded red maroon color and is beautiful if treated correctly.
    The sealer was applied within 48 hours after drying. That evening after the sealer was applied, the temperatures dropped here to around 60 degrees and the concrete pulled moisture..............and you can guess what happened to the sealer>?????????

    The beautifull color of the concrete is milky white all over.
    This customer is frantic about how to get the sealer off without compromising the color of the stamped--died--concrete!!
    The 5 gallon container does not have a phone number to contact for inquiries, so I was hoping that you pro's whom do concrete sealing could help me to help him!!! He is a great customer of over 15 years!!! He has around 10,000.00 worth of japanese trees and ornamentals lining around this patio, so he hesitatnt to use Sulfuric Acid or equivalent!! Is there anything else that will take the etch off the surface.

    Any and all help is greatly appreciated!!!

    Thanks.!! Since this type of thing is completely out of my rhelm!!
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    Go to the nearest decorative concrete dealer and buy soy strip or heavy citris strip and start stripping and tell you really good customer to never put a 2 dollar sealer on a 25000 dollar patio

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