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next season i am going to be purchasing a leaf debris loader for my 6 by 10 dual axle dump trailer. i dont really think that i could make the box myself. my question is, does anyone know of a company besides trac vac that makes custom made leaf boxes. i would like to mount the sucker on the door of the box, so when i dump it would just swing out of the way. any comments would be appreciated. if anybody in the CT area who know of a fabricator or welder that knows how to do this it would be great to know of. thanks


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Instead of a pricey metal fabrication use wood. the dump trailer should have stake pockets to fit 2x4's and the rest is as easy as a screw gun and some plywood.


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I just seen a guy here in town that just put wood side extensions on the sides about 3 feet high, then he just had a tarp over the top. He also had the blower unit mounted on the tongue with the disharge mounted in a hole cut in the front side extension. I am sure he had a quick way of removing the discharge tube when he dumped.

It looked really good and well thought out.


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that idea sounds like good one and cheap one too save alot of money doing it that way.Put the unit on the front of the trailer and have a flexable shute into it and just discharge when you dump.


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Its easy to make your own wood one that will come apart in sections, bu if you really want one, look for places that sell chipper boxes for trucks and you just have to make a back door. If not theres a place in Coventry, the Giant Vac factory. They used to make them. If they don't anymore ask to speak to a rep or outfitter there and they'll point you to someone that does it on the side.

Hope this helps

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I would definatlly mount the sucker on the front of the trailer. i tried the whole "Tailgate Idea" this fall and it sucked. i gound have a welder build u kind of a rack on the front of your trailer so u can mount your loder there in the spring and fall then in the summer u can have the welder fabricate u some type of cage that u can replace the loader with to carry gas cans and tires and such.


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I like the idea of having the leaf vauum on the front of the trailer that way you can most likely keep the hose attached. I have no choice cause i have a dump with grade 3 hitch on the leaf loader and it works out well.