Box truck set up


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I just bought a E-450 16 foot box truck and am currently having a dovetail built on it. I am looking for advice on the most effectient way to set up the interior. Pictures would be great if you have them. Thanks


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We tossed around the idea of a box truck or enclosed trailer but threw out the idea due to some limitations that would come with it. (not being able to pick up small loads of mulch, hard to haul leaf debris in the fall, etc.) While looking into them we found that most manufacturers made handheld racks for them. I would set them up just like an open trailer. Blower and trimmer racks on the walls, spare parts, trimmer line, ect on the front shelves. Most importantant thing would be faststraps or an e-track system to keep mowers stable. Be sure to have plenty of vents installed on the box as you don't want all those gas vapors trapped. And last, look into the on board fuel system which consists of a single tank divided into regular and mix fuel, there are separate hoses and handles for each, obviously color coded to make sure they are used in the right equipment. These mount underneath the box preferably in front of the rear tires (so rocks and such don't hit them), I don't know their actual name or the company who makes them but I'm sure you can track them down.

Again, we don't use them, but I hope this helps. Just try to set up the truck in a fashion that you think will be the most efficient for your business. Good luck with it! Put up some pictures when you get it done!
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