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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Abita Bill, Nov 18, 2003.

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    Hi guys! I'm starting up in 2004. I'm considering purchasing a used U-haul (from U-haul) 17' box truck for $4,500.00. It will solve two problems for me. One, U-haul trucks are well maintained and should prove to be reliable. Two, I won't need an extra storage area for my equipment when I'm not working. If I'm forced to stay somewhere other than my house, my equipment will be safe. I won't need a trailer, at least not right away. But I've noticed that no one on this site talks about using anything other than a pick-up and trailer. Is there something I should know or do you think the Up-haul is a good idea? Thanks!
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    there's a few operations around here that run cube vans. I saw one today that was using a ex-ryder truck. it was still yellow and you could see the paint-fade around the previous lettering location.

    the streets around here are too narrow for a truck like that for me, but you're right, it's dry and lockeable.
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    one thing about the box truck is no room for grass clippings or anything else

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    get the box safe dry and no trailer

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