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    I have heard box trucks are often recommended for advertising, security, and convenience when finished for the day. What size would be ideal for 1 intermediate z, a lesco hand spreader, and a 100 gallon refill tank, plus room for fert. Also what type of gate would you recommend for the back, should you have side doors or not necessasary. What type would be most fuel efficient?
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    See the above thread. these are 2 trucks I run for the lawns as well as christmas, we just change the signs out and take ramps off.

    The E350 is a 15' with 3' over hang. Side door will slide a pallet thru.
    The Fuso is a 14' with walk up side door.

    E350 will hold z-max, 100 gal, and 30 bags fert no problem
    Fuso is higher GVW will hold 1 pallet, z, and 200 gallons (heavy but it will go)

    Fuso is better for turn radius for tight dead ends, and 4 cylinder diesel for better mileage, holds more weight as well.

    E350 is bigger box, more power, pulls hills better and better for our lighting biz, side door is better for loading but no turn radius and not so good on diesel.

    Both have ramps semi-permanent mount from that work well. Rigged up with an extra foot to help with the weight of the zmax

    You can call me if you ever want to talk. We do service where you are but mainly commercial and mostly sub work, so don't think I wont help you out just b.c of that. Heck, we might work together on some projects if the opportunity arises.

    Click the lawn care link below and get my info.

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    14 ft is all you would really need.

    I carry a 250 gallon tank, 2 ton of fert and can still fit a Z and PG in my truck.

    Box truck makes for a great ride!

    Go into my public profile and you can see pics of my truck loaded.
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    thanks guys, sounds like the 14 ft fuso wold be a good choice, creech that truck is amazing, bryan i will call you to pick your brain about some things, i like the versatility you have going on with your set up thanks Dave
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    I added a couple more pics for you to see if you want. There were a few pics of the truck that were not on there that are pretty cool additions we made.

    What I would highly recommend for a box truck also is a hose reel, wash station and we added a "pallet rack" for overhead storage.

    I tried to put a pallet of fert in the truck when I first started but it just took up too much room so we just stack it by hand. Takes a few more minutes then I would like, but it is stacked tight and doesn't take near the room (which is critical)~!

    Good Luck!
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    love the set up, so you have a 1 tank to refill the z and 1 tank mixed with chemicals to spray liquid fert also?
  8. rcreech

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    We had a lot of fun building the box truck!

    I have a 250 gallon tank for the Z...and then I have a 50 gallon tank (up top) that goes to the hose reel and I usually run insecticides though it. I also use it for an extra 50 gallons of water when it isn't being used for perimeter pests to tender the Z.
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    I don't have a box may want to consider a low floor type box truck. Kind of like the UPS trucks. Only half as high, so you don't need much of a ramp. I think they are called a "step van". In fact I think TruGreen uses a low floor type. Of course, the wheels stick up out of the floor, and you have to work around that.

    Of course, the chemicals may be too close for comfort, odor potential problem. And I think Ric pointed out that chemicals inside the vehicle are illegal in Florida.
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