Boxer 532DX minitrack

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by nosparkplugs, Mar 5, 2008.

  1. nosparkplugs

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    Really been looking hard at these Mini Skids, I know its not a true Skid Steer, but I do not do new installation's. Most of my work requires a "light" foot print on customers turf. I go in tear out, old landscaping borders, trees, plants, very overgrown back yards etc. Then redesign/installation, I do handle pallets of natural landscape, rock that weigh up to 1875lbs. Are these machines worth the 23k without attachments. The Boxer 532DX best in class lift 1,050lbs (735lbs @35%tip), 32.8 kubota diesel 14.5gpm, better than Toro Ding or Bobcat
  2. BIGBEN2004

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    Have you checked Ditch Witch, I have ran them and loved them. Also Vermeer looks like it makes a good comfortable one also. I have ran the Dingos and I don't like the control lever. It is very uncomfortable on my hand. The Boxer looks like a tough machine and I would demo one before I had to make the choice. I know my Takeuchi dealer is getting ready to start carrying them and they state they are top notch and that is why they are going to carry them instead of the other brands.
  3. flairland

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    I test drove on this past weekend actually. The are a very tough, solid feeling machine. I couldn't really put to the test, as the weather was bad the day I went to see the Boxers, but the controls seem nice and tight, it has the option to adjust your hydraulic speed, and variable tracks - nice option. Its a comfortable ride too as the riders platform is spring loaded. However, they have a slow travel speed, and I wasn't sure how the tracks would hold up. The had a new one, and a demo with about 60hrs on it, and the tracks showed a lot of wear already. All in all, they were pricier than I thought once you start adding on attachments. I was quoted about 31k for the diesel with a bucket, auger head, and two bits. The gaser was about 2k less. I think I'll end up getting a used dingo.
  4. flairland

    flairland LawnSite Senior Member
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    Add on:

    If I were you, I'd take a real serious look at the Dingo TX525 as well, wide or narrow track. The specs aren't too far off.
  5. BIGBEN2004

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    One question I have is it worth to buy or can you just rent when you need it. I know to rent around my area it is only $150.00 a day, $525.00 a week, and $1500.00 a month. That could rent a long time before you could pay for that thing. That is what I do since I don't have enough jobs to justify owning one.
  6. bradicus18

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    Demo. Demo. Demo.

    The Boxer is a spec sheet monster. Try them out on turf and with hydraulic attachments if you think you will use them. Try it out on rough terrain as well.
  7. Digdeep

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    Have you thought about looking at an ASV RC30 with the turf tracks. Its a narrow machine with a decent ROC and a 30hp diesel. ASV has a video on their website of the machine turning on turf with the green tracks and the machine doesn't leave a mark.
  8. lawnmoeman2008

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    Got a 532dx boxerw/trailer and 8-9 attachments for 27k!

  9. Bigred350

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    Ive got a boxer. and would not have anything else. I have almost 700 hours on it and have not had a single problem.

    And the tracks still look good. Should get 1200 hours out of them.

    Most people hate on the controls but I like them better than all the other machines.
  10. nosparkplugs

    nosparkplugs LawnSite Gold Member
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    The closest Boxer dealer is Nashville TN 3 hr drive, and I would not hesitate driving that far if I was going to purchase a mini skid steer. I just figured out It was easier to rent for the low number of hours I actually would log on a machine should I have purchased one ; however the Boxer is the way to go if I were to purchase a Mini skid steer

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