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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by Bull, Jun 16, 2008.

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    I have a client that recently had a natural gas line run from the street to her house by the gas company. This is an older neighborhood and she has alot of large boxwoods in the yard. A couple of days after the line was installed a yellowing started to develop on about seven of the boxwoods. After putting some thought into it I have now figured out that the exhaust from the trencher was within inches of the shrubs and it burnt a streak about three inches wide right down the side of them. The leaves have turned brown now so is it safe to assume this part of the plant is damaged beyond repair or will it regenerate new foliage? Thanks
  2. Smallaxe

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    Are the branches with the burnt tips able to produce new buds? or is the branch now done all the way to the trunk?

    If you are not sure just prune off the damaged area and see what happens. Boxwoods are not one that I am familiar with, but most all trees/shrubs respond the same in damage repair.

    I am facing a situation here with extensive deer damage and still am not sure if the branches will recover. We are in a wait and see mode.
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    Boxwood are tough! they should be fine, But for $4 a shrub for 3gal boxwoods if the customer wants you to replace them go for it and give her the bill and see if the gas company will foot the bill???

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    like lawn shark said boxwoods are tuff. just prune out the damaged area and they will fill in.
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    Scratch the bark on the effected branches. If it is green under the bark they will be fine. If not green, do as the others have said. Prune the damage and rock on.

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