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Discussion in 'Magna-Matic' started by Doc Pete, Jul 10, 2003.

  1. Doc Pete

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    Well, I finally ordered my Magna-matic balancer and got ready use a really nice piece of equipment. While ordering, I mentioned I was on the lawnsite forum, which prompted the people at Magna-matic to ask I give feedback on the Lawnsite about their product. Of course I told them who I was and they were all the more interested in my thoughts.
    To make a long story short, the balancer arrived and after my typical close inspection of the instrument I noticed there was a very bad problem with it. Immediately I was on the phone complaining about the defective balancer, and told them they picked the wrong person to ask for feedback on Lawnsite, when it would be all bad.
    Well to my surprise the people at Magna-matic overly apologized, not once but twice, and said they understood exactly how I felt. Also, they took the time to explain where the possible problem in manufacture/shipping could have occurred, instead of blaming me. Furthermore, they asked if they could compensate my disappointment with a “better product” than I originally ordered, free shipping reimbursement, and immediate shipping of the new product. With my mouth wide open I gladly said, “Yes”.
    In this day and age, I felt it’s worth mentioning a company like Magna-matic that goes the extra mile to please their customers. Oh Yeah, the blade balancer works great and is simple to operate. With all of us running double blades, and now high tip speed, a good balancer is mandatory.
    Pete O’Connor
    “For Pete’s Sake Landscaping”
  2. DLS1

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    Hey Pete, I have never understood why someone needs a balancer. You can balance the blade on a nail. What I am missing that makes the balancers so great vs. a nail?
  3. Doc Pete

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    I think part of it is running doubles and high rpm. Close isn't good enough like it was years ago. Unbalanced blades rob horsepower. When you get to the bigger machines 54" and up, you can actually notice less rpm, if you have unbalanced doubles. I can tell if my blades are off by "one pass" on the grinder, by the tingle in my grips.
  4. Magna-Matic

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    Thank you for the kind words Pete, I was just thinking of calling you to see how you liked the balancer. I'm glad to hear that everything is in order.

    NOTE about balancing

    **** NEVER USE A NAIL you are doing more harm than good.

    To balance you need to be and the middle point of the object. Think of a CROSSHAIR in the mounting hole of the blade.

    The point of INTERSECTION of that CROSSHAIR is where you need the nail to be - well gravity doesn't allow for that.

    This is why you see the CONE on our balancer.

    Now if you think about how you are balancing using a nail you are actually throwing the balance worse than if you did nothing at all.

    Thank you for your time,
  5. DLS1

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    Hey Pete, I think I saw somewhere that you have been mowing part-time for 20 years. How have you been balancing blades in the past? How much did the balancer cost with shipping costs?
  6. Doc Pete

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    Actually, I've been using a model Helicopter blade balancer that has been good, but the Magna balancer is more accurate and "consistent". For the pricing, I'd really call Magna-matic, tell them you are on the Lawnsite, read my post, and I fully expect they will take care of you.
  7. Tvov

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  8. Magna-Matic

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    Please take a peek at this diagram.


    Now if you look at the CROSSHAIRS of the center hole, and then extend them outward to cut the blade in half VERTICALLY and HORZONTIALLY.

    Each half of the blade must be equal to the other to have the weight (or mass) distributed over the whole part. If the mass is distributed over the whole object (blade in this case) evenly it would be in balance.

    To balance an object that rotates you must balance if from the point at which it rotates. Just like the spindle hubs under your deck which the blades mount to.

    Now if you could get the blade to HOVER on the nail, so that the nail would be in the INTERSECTION of the CROSSHAIRS then a nail could be used, but it would still not be accurate where frictional resistance is concerned.

    Now lets think of how a blade hangs on a nail in the wall. The nail is holding the blade at the top of the hole - NOT THE CENTER.

    Here is perhaps another analogy to help understand the problem with the nail in the wall.

    *** How well do you think your mower would run if you took a blade with double the size mounting hole - and then mounted in off center on your deck spindle?

    ^^^ Also think about this - does your local auto repair shop balance your wheels & tires with a nail in the wall? Are the turbines of a jet engine balanced with a nail in the wall? ANYTHING in rotational motion must be in balance to eliminate vibration.

    Why do we want to eliminate vibration?
    Vibration decreases performance - Vibration damages equipment.

    Most lawn mower blades spin at - at least 3000 RPM.
    Your wheel on your car spins at 1000 RPM at 75 mph.

    We are the originators of the lawn mower blade balancer, we also make numerous other balancers for applications of fan blades, racing clutches, racing flywheels, and much more. Since 1958 i do not know of one person who has purchased one of our balancers and returned it, because they didn't think they needed it, or that do anything for them. The only balancer returns we get are for repair/reconditioning or "rare" warranty work.

    Our balancers are manufactured to last 40 + years with proper care. The retail price of the balancer is $175 - that cost over just 20 years is only $9 per year.

    If there are any more questions - or clarifications desired, please continue to post here, i will be happy to explain the best i possibly can.

    Thank you for your time,
  9. AltaLawnCare

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    Just curious, what was wrong with it??

    For you guys using nails, after the blade stops "wobbling", move it around on the nail, and it will change....the blade never "centers" on the nail. I'm saving up for a balancer.
  10. Doc Pete

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    What had happened is being a very busy time for the company, the balancer had been accidently dropped during shipping and handling, which dented the balancer and would not allow it to balance correctly. Naturally, a balancer that doesn't balance is not much help.

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