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Discussion in 'Magna-Matic' started by Doc Pete, Jul 10, 2003.

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    doc pete, i have been working for a shop for many years but now i have decided to go at it on my own, i'm looking for the few tools i need that are not in my arsonal. one is the mag-1000 that i had at the shop where i worked, it was a great tool and you just can't be with out. but starting out on my own i just don't know if i can pay for the $200 price tag that magna-matic wants for it. i would like to start my new business with as little overhead as possiable and the other tools i need and rent for teh building have put me in a pinch. is there any one out there with a used one or something tha you know of, or will magna-matic be good enough to help out with a refubished one or something?
  2. Doc Pete

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    Ah.... Now I know why you emailed about maybe being too hard on me!! (G).
    Actually, since this was an old post, my comment was aimed more at "the powers that be" for continuing to let "UL" constantly ruin many good posts, with his incorrect information given for one purpose only, to confuse and discredit.
    Hey, we just had that post the other day where numbnuts (Fareway) tried to start his typical screwed up post about the worse drought ever. Thankfully, the moderators pulled it before it started to snowball.

    PS...... My Magnamatic is still working great and with 700 hours on my 54" machine with 25hp, the clutch and spindles are still like new....Balancing does have it's rewards....Thanks, Magnamatic.
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    Feel free to call and check stock if refurbished units are available. Sometimes if the customer does not mind a long wait we can supply a refurb balancer.

    Thank you,
  4. Doc Pete

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    If I didn't say, I've been running doubles since the machine was new......
  5. Lawn Sharks

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    Great thread. Makes me want to buy one. Magna Matic, You said they are $158 on your site as a promo but your site shows a higher price. Is a coupon code needed?

    Thanks for all the info.
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    I feel like an idiot. I just realized that I was reading a post from 2003! Sorry for the dumb question.
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    Any chance you can put that $158 price in to effect for a little while? I know its a long shot but I am thinking about ordering a balancer but I don't really want to dish out $200+. Thanks.
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    Yea I would also like one but 200 seems a little high.
  9. Magna-Matic

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    Hello All,

    We've held over the $198 price for near 4 years now with no increase to keep costs down for the customer.

    Please keep in mind this is a USA made instrument grade tool - if you take decent care of it - it will EASILY last you more than 40 years.

    We have been manufacturing the MAG-1000 and other balancing instruments since 1958 - and we still get units in from the 60's and 70's for light refurbishing.

    So the $200 over 40 years is quite inexpensive if you review the cost as a business.

    Thank you,
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    Please tell me you're not serious!

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