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    My shindaiwa 802 doesn't nearly have the balls that my 8500 did, and probably not even as much as my old RedMax 7500. The shindaiwa has mph going got it, but it lacks real power. My dealer sold both RedMax and husky and he said both the 8500 and 580 were almost identical beside the strapping. The RedMax was on-sale and I jumped on it and haven't had a regret yet, or a sore back or shoulders for that matter
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    The Husky supposedly/according to dealer specs has 200+ more cfm and more mph than the 802. Cfm's make a big difference. If you can stand the weight the Husky/Redmax is as powerful as it gets as backpacks go.
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    I still have 2 old EB630s that just keep running, but I wanted one of the big newer generation blowers for fall cleanups in 2011. I narrowed my choice down to the Shindaiwa 802, the Echo 770 and the Husky 580. My dealer didn't have an 802 but I did demo the 770 and it was a nice blower for sure. The only thing I didn't like on it was the relatively short tubes. I'm a tall guy and I like the long tube and pinpoint control that my 630s have...and the 802 in fact. I researched the 802 and what the consensus seems to be is that for as big of a blower as it is, it just doesn't have the guts that it should, and everyone seems to point at the rather restrictive muffler as the culprit. I was still thinking things over when I walked into my rental yard/Husqvarna dealer and they had a 580 on the shelf. It was actually destined to be a rental machine. After determining that it was in fact essentially a Redmax 8500 I snagged it up. It also has a fairly short tube like the Echo so I ordered an extra intermediate tube. There's also the Shindaiwa 854, but everything I've heard about the 8010 and 8020s makes me scared to buy one. My dealer did have one but I steered clear.

    That was my decision process...I don't think you can go wrong with the 802, the 770 or the 580/8500. Personally I think the 580 has the edge over the 8500 because it has really nice harness system that includes a padded waist belt and a chest strap. But if you don't mind shouldering all that weight or would find a waist strap a nuisance, I wouldn't hold it againt anyone who chose the 8500 instead.
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    Get the Kawasaki KRB750B or 650B. Great power, lightweight, and only about $450.

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