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  1. MileHigh

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    Got my mowers serviced today and decided to snap a few pics to share with everyone. Had the plow on cause during our snow season the plow stays in front of the trailer...so I had to move the plow.

    Our grass is still dormant...and our weather is extremely dry. Our 08-09 snow season will most likely go down as the worst (least amount of precipitation) snow season since the forgotten year of 1887. :cry:

    I still have many things to add to this rig, and it's a work in progress.:weightlifter:

    Got some plowing pics I threw in.





  2. MileHigh

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    another pic.

  3. Junior M

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    why not lettering instead of magnets? Magnets scratch the hell out of your truck..
  4. MileHigh

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    yeah magnets suck big time.

    my biggest problem with lettering is that In the snow season I am 90% sub-contractor as of right now...contractor does not want any other business names other than his on his properties...which is quite reasonable.

    If I can get out of the subbing in the winter..(although I love it) my trucks will get lettered for sure.

    So basically the only lettering I will have anytime soon...will be USDOT numbers:laugh:
  5. tls22

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    Cool pics...the rig looks great. I would not put the hinker away yet, it likes to snow in denever during march and april. How much snow have u had this winter?
  6. MileHigh

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    thanks Tim.

    Plows stay in front of garage untill the end of April...

    March and April are our snowiest months...but keep in mind that in these warm snow months...It takes a good 4 inch storm to plow 2 inches. The first 2 always melts.

    Worst snow season in History for Denver: 1887-88, 21.3 inches.
    Best snow season in history for denver: 1908-09 118.7 inches.
    Average snow season in denver: 61.7 inches.
    Snowfall this season in Denver :18.0 inches.
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    looks great
  8. 2brothersyardcare

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    hot i like it. idk about the hiniker tho.
  9. wayside

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  10. MileHigh

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    I've used Western, Snoway, Meyer, and Boss, and I can tell you I'm quite impressed with the Hiniker.
    Appreciate it.

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