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Got a notice in the mail yesterday that my Stihl BR-550 blower was being recalled for problems with the fan blade. Call my dealer this morning, he says "bring it in, I have the parts and can have you out in 15 minutes."

I show up and see the new BR-600 on display. When I bought my 550 I needed a B/P blower bad and did not have time to wait for the 600's, now they are out. Just my luck. I had to ask, what will you give me on trade-in for my 550 against a 600? His response, "If you want a 600, I'll give you a full refund on your 550 toward the purchase of one. You've been a good customer Mike, I want to keep you happy."

Not bad. About three months use on a blower and not one cent of depreciation. As long as he is in business, I will be his customer.


p.s. Don't bother telling me how great RedMax blowers are. This guy is only three miles from my home, the nearest RedMax dealer is nearly 20 miles away. I only tip the scales at 160 lbs., the 8001 is just to heavy on me for long term use. (nice blowers though)
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