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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Total.Lawn.Care, Nov 28, 2006.

  1. Total.Lawn.Care

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    I already own a BR600 and I love it. But I need a second blower for days that I have helpers and for a backup (just in case). Being that I already have a $500 blower that is strong as an ox, would you guys recommend me getting another one the same size? Or should I get a smaller BR420?

    Are there any advantages to a smaller blower with a little less blowing power?

    And before any of you post about other brands or that the BR600 is junk, know up front that I am only going to buy Stihl because if my dealer and that I like my 600, so do not bash it. I want real advice to my question.

  2. John Gamba

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    You need the same blower if yours breaks down or you have another person using it.
  3. Richard Martin

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    I'm with John on this. I've tried having a smaller blower as a backup to my old Stihl BR420 and it just didn't work out. It was at the peak of leaf season a couple of years ago and my 420 was having fuel issues (it didn't like MTBE fuel additive) and one day it just up and quit and refused to restart. So I grabbed my backup, a Stihl BG-85. What a joke. I worked with it for about 5 minutes and called my buddy who lent me one of his Redmax's until I got my 420 straightened out.

    I know going from a 420 to a 85 is a bit extreme but going from a 600 to a 420 is a little extreme too.
  4. Potchkins

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    Put your hands on top of your head and step away from the BR 420!

    no really get another BR 600, i've got both and almost never use the 420 since i got the 600 in fact i'm planing on giting another BR 600 this next spring.
  5. ed2hess

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    Get the BR420 it is a tried and proven model, the 600 needs a couple years in the field.
  6. topsites

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    I have the br- 550, the br-420, and the bg-55 handheld...

    5 years ago when I bought the 420, it was the biggest Stihl backpack available.
    I had 2, one got stolen, bought the 550 early last year.

    The handheld I use from late spring to early fall, and to get up in the bushes / under porches, and in the little nooks and crannies (like around heatpumps).
    As a tool it is like an Altoids, curiously strong... But, no match for a backpack.

    The 550 and the 420 I use interchangeably, one for a while, the other for another, one always sits for some time, then the other gets used, etc...

    I find the 550 quieter and nicer to use, but while it is slightly more powerful I would not and do not hesitate to use my 420 as a backup OR main. The 420 is still, after 5 years, one pretty tough machine.

    Now vs. the 600, I dunno...
    You have my version of things, hope that helps.

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