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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by ALBsun1, May 22, 2007.

  1. ALBsun1

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    Hey guys. I have been having some trouble with my stihl br600 blower the past couple days. Seems to start up okay in the half choke position, then, as anyone who has one knows, it automatically moves itself to "run". Well, i start it up, put it on, then am able to blow for maybe 30 secs to a minute before the thing cuts off. Then, repeat the process, starts fine everytime, just cuts off in run. Only seems to cut off when i have it on my back and am walking around. when i was running it on the ground, messing with it, seemed to run better. Maybe not getting fuel somehow? Don't know, the tank is full. Just wanted to see if i could get any input before i take it in. Thanks.
  2. AndyTblc

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    I got one, and I have never experienced that problem. I'd take it in and see what is going on.
  3. carcrz

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    Check the plug for possible replacement & the muffler for blockage.
  4. ALBsun1

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    i should emphasize that it ONLY cuts off while in the run position and while on my back. it is 2 years old and thus out of warranty. but i will probably take it in eventually, pending any suggestions from here.
  5. carcrz

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    I seem to remember something about a faulty type of fuel filter on these. I have a newer one & haven't had any issues yet, knock on wood.
  6. Restrorob

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    Check the fuel filter as carcrz said but make sure the filter is laying on the bottom of the tank. It could be stuck up close to the full fuel level and when moving around sloshing the fuel away from it.

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