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  1. jcthorne

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    Has anyone had any engine trouble with their BR600's?

    I had one go down yesterday. It was 1.5 years old and the mechanic said it "dropped a valve". He said it wasn't worth fixing. Then he called back shortly thereafter and said that stihl was going to put a new engine in it for free due to the problems they were having with the the 4 mix machines.

    To make a long story short. If you have problems in the future make sure you have you're dealer contact tech support and you may be able to get the unit fixed for free even if it is out of warranty.

    I probably have about $5 grand worth of 4 mix handhelds and it's been my experience that they are borderline junk. I can't count how many times I've had issues with these units. If it wasn't for the dealer, Stihl and I would have parted ways a long time ago.
  2. MuleCutter

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    i have a br600 since february and love it. i havent had any problems with it (yet). i also have a hedge trimmer and pole saw all with 4 mix engines. i love all of those pieces of equipment but i dont trust the quality of the trimmers. i had an FS100 for a month before it crapped out on me. it'll be a while before i buy another 4 mix trimmer cuz IMO they are junk. the limitations are too strict to run them... run with the guard on, dont run long string, have an EXACT fuel mix, adjust valves when servicing the unit... etc. much more trouble than a simple 2 cycle unit. as far as the blowers... yea they were having trouble with the 600's blowin up and Stihl was doing a LOT of engine replacements. now they have the Ultra synthetic oil to put in them so this type of thing doesnt happen.... but i was using the ultra when my FS100 went to crap.
  3. jcthorne

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    Don't get me started on the FS100's..........
  4. LawnBrother

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    Thanks for sharing jc, that's good info for all of us 4mix owners.
  5. CuttinUP

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    Had my FS100 for 3yrs and had problem after problem with it. Earlier this summer it was in the shop and needed about $180.00 of work done and they were going to get it covered by sthil. The sthil rep happened to show up when I went to pick it up and the trimmer was still not running great. I talked with the 2 sthil reps about all of my problems and ended up leaving with a new FS100 for $100.00. The new one has been great, but I have been running the Ultra Synthetic oil in this one, but that oil is too high $$. I think I am going to start going back and forth with the oil.
  6. sawman65

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    as soon as you use that cheap oil your problems will return belive it!!! and i can bet you other guys that have sooo many problems with there 4-mix units were not useing still oil.these units were made to run on that oil but hey its your quarter
  7. lawnboy dan

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    i agree about the sthil ultrA OIL -IT WORKS WONDERS IN THE 4 MIX . is $ but worth it if it dosnt cause problems. the diff was like nite and day in my br600. it ran like crap on reg oil.
  8. jcthorne

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    I can assure you that there has been nothing but the Stihl oil in my units. I buy it by the case and I have had countless problems. I've payed close attention to the units that I've had the most problems with and it's the ones that are being used for prolonged periods of time without breaks. I've had virtually no trouble out of the 4-mix units that run on smaller properties except for coils. It's the ones that are on the large apartment complexes that may go all day with little break that just don't last.

    The 4 mix units are probably great for the residential cutter or part-timer who doesn't rack up a lot of hours on the machines. They are junk when you put them on the large commercial properties day in and day out.
  9. ed2hess

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    This is the kind of information I was looking for.......I was almost ready to try one BR600 this fall.....think I will go back to Echo I have used the 420...On a side note do you run and Stihl Trimmers that are doing well? Last good ones I run were 8 years ago....I was thinking about trying the FS80 since it is the only one with old 2 stoke enting I think?
  10. DaddyRabbit

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    Hmm, I am basically a homeowner who uses trimmers and blowers on my property and my rental properties so the long hour usage isn't there like you guys but this yr I bought a new Stihl FS100 and a BR600 and absolutely love the 4mix technology. I looked at Shindaiwa but they could be subbed in the worlds strongest men competition. Heavy as lead! I'll stick w/Stihl 4Mix. You're right on the synthetic oil too. Its great stuff and I even run it in my Husqvarna XP chain saws.

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