Bradley owners are you satisfied?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Jetski900stx, May 21, 2004.

  1. Jetski900stx

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    If you own a Bradley are you satisfied? I am not interested in what you think I hould get. I know there are a lot of great mowers out there. All I want to know is if you own or have demoed a Bradley what you think about it.

  2. boddie6657

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    Yes. I have a 36 Bradley belt drive W.B. with a 15 kohler. I have had it about 5 months and use it on 22 accounts weekly. I have had absolutely no problems whatsoever. Not quite as nice as Toro, Exmark ect...........but has done a perfect job.
  3. rodfather

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    What's a Bradley?
  4. boddie6657

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    Bradley mowers are built by havener industries. They make commercial mowers. They are a pretty new company who basicly just took the same model of what Landscapers supply sells and upgraded the weak points and added some more heavy duty parts and are offering them for a very good entry price. They make a 32, 36 and a 44 I believe. I think they make some riders also. They use all the same parts as the big name mowers and most everything is interchangable between them and most Scags. I'm a firefighter and some of the guys here have run them for a couple of years with no problems. The only downfall is they are assembled in China or somewhere. But are Hondas, nissan ect. right?? Anyway....pretty decent mowers as far as I'm concerned. At least for the $$ I paid 1799 for my 36 with a 2 wheel sulky.
  5. boddie6657

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  6. WarrenRaymond

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    I have recently purchased a 32" wb with the 15 HP Kohler. I have been using a gravely 32" wb with a 12.5 Briggs and also a Ferris with the 13.5 Kawasaki. The Bradley is primitave and very touchy, I believe that the controls will get easier to use as the springs break in. It is hard on the hands with the controlls and I had a leak in the tank and the neutral safty switch does not work. It is a basic design mower at a cheap price with less than desireable customer support. I repair all of my equipment myself so I rolled the dice. My other mowers are better balanced than this one and that seems to make a difference in the cut. It runs fine and cuts well, but is a little harder to operate as the controlls are stiffer. Also the product registration card that comes with the mower states: If not filled out and signed by dealer rep. and you then mailed in within 14 days then there is no warranty. I have noticed other postings about Havener Enterprises the maker of Bradley and Sulkies that stated the lack of customer support. Good price on a mower that will make you money, but not the most comfortable or the nicest cut. Makes a good cut though , but there are more expensive mowers that make better cuts out there. My Ferris and Gravely make a little bit better cut than the Bradley. I do not regret buying it, I will use it on high grass since it has the 15 HP Kohler. If buying check out North Georgia Equip Parts. They gave me the best deal. E-Mail me for there phone number if you need it. Way under dealer list.
  7. bronyaur

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    I bought a used 32" Bradley with a 12.5 Kaw.It's a decent machine.It is very hard on your hands however.I play classical guitar so it was really an issue for me.The controls were very stiff and there was a very long throw to the grips.I really messed up my right hand middle finger(still swolen a bit).I
  8. bronyaur

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    Sorry about that but my reply automatically submitted before I finished.As I was saying.....I remedied the situation doing a few things.
    #1 Adjusted the grips so they were closer to the handles.
    when this was done I had a new problem...
    #2- Because the grips were closer to the handle when I tried to use the parking(thumb) brake,the notch or hole that grip slips into to activate the parking brake was too large(I used some bolts and locknuts to diminish the size of the notch to make it just the right size for my parking brake to slip into.-This was meant to be temporary but it works fine(would be better to weld a piece on)
    #3-The best thing I did and something I'll do with all my machines was put lighter springs on.actually they were too light and another temporary fix was in order...a few supplemental rubberbands...Believe it or not they work fine until I find the right springs.

    I'm sorry if this made no sence to you.It's hard to explain clearly in print.
    What a difference.I can mow all day no problem and so much easier to use it's hard to believe it's the same machine.
    I like it.Good machine for the money and gives a good cut.
  9. boddie6657

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    Well, I also use a 44 toro which is a more comfortable machine. I agree that the bradley does have stiff controls....however, I fixed this little problem pretty easily. I just removed the springs and streched them a tad bit. You have to be careful not to strech them too far....but if you can get them pretty close it REALLY helps. Also, try switching your blades to improve quality of cut. I really don't think that the factory blades are such high quality. I put atomic blades on mine and it seem to cut quite a bit better. The only other problem I have had is the gas cap vent kept coming off. No big deal, {99 cent part} but I used a little silicone around the edge and have had no more problems. As for customer service, my dealer is very helpful with any service problems. I have also gone to their web site and have contacted them through e-mail with questions. They gave a very professional and quick response. These are all just "little bugs" of pretty much any new machine. I saved 1200 dollars Vs. buying another Toro..........I'll take a few little bugs and keep my grand!!:) All in all....I can't really complain.
  10. skmodmsl

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    I bought a Bradley 32" mower with a 10.5 Briggs. I looked at a few other compact walk behinds and the Bradley looked to be the best for the money.

    The engine seems to have enough power and the mower cuts and stripes pretty good. The controls are a little balky and stiff but I figure they will break in after awhile. The mower could use a weight on the front as it seems to be tail heavy. I plan to construct a lead weight for it.

    Sofar I have had only one problem - and it was my fault. My 48" mower bounced on the trailer and hit the Bradley. A double ended stud broke near the right wheel. Unfortunately the bolts are metric. I ordered a new stud from the dealer but it has been on backorder for 3 weeks. I ended up getting a 3/8" carriage bolt and cut the head off. I then cut it to length and used a die to thread it.

    Overall the Bradley is a great entry level mower.

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